Bug rumour: Ryu rev DP does not come out against Ryu meaty cr.hp

A couple of days before Evo, there was a rumour going around in IRC #capcom that John Choi and someone else (Graham Wolfe or Mike Watson maybe, I can’t remember) had recently discovered the following glitch:

  • Ryu mirror match, let’s call them Albert and Bob
  • Albert is knocked down
  • Bob does a meaty crouching fierce
  • Albert correctly inputs and times a reversal dragon punch on wake-up
  • Albert’s dragon punch does not occur
  • Bob’s normal punch smacks Albert in the face

So basically the main problem here is that Albert is eating Bob’s fist for breakfast, when really Albert should be stuffing Bob like a turkey. I thiiink they were saying that the “REVERSAL” message doesn’t even appear, but I’m not sure about that. I don’t know if they tried different strengths of dragon punch or if the glitch was happening with 100% consistency; I guess it would be hard to be sure with reversals, anyway. Supposedly they didn’t test in finer detail or explore further with any other characters, so of course there was speculation that certain other reversals could have the same problem with certain other meaties.

Can anyone confirm this reported bug as true or false? Has anyone else tried testing this? If it’s real, does anyone know if this problem also existed in Dreamcast ST?

Sirlin talks about this in his latest article on his website. He talks about it in the paragraph that starts, “Later, I realized something else.”


It seems that this is a PS3 bug, but it should be tested in the 360 version as well.

Ah, thanks for the link. :lol:

that’s funny, but not “ha ha” funny. i’ve had to replace something in my stick at least 4 times because of me punching it after i swear i input a move properly and nothing came out and i got smacked.

if i got a dollar for everytime i said “i can take losing, but at least do the move you’re supposed to do before doing so…” (many expletives deleted of course).

dhalsim’s standing fierce is the worst culprit. i swear i time it right after the opponent is in hit stun from a slow fireball which is major dizzy ramifications and… nothing. dhalsim will just stand there counting rocks on the ground or something. i didn’t remember having these problems prior to the new patch either, but then again it could be just me.