[bug?] TC2 > LK Stomp whiffs on Poison



FYI – has anyone else found any other bugs? This one is quite annoying :\


Doesn’t MK work fine here?


Yes, it’s shown in the video. It’s still very odd though since no other character causes this to happen. MK also whiffs if you extend it past raw TC2 in any way (jabs, cr.mp, etc.), which is also odd and normally doesn’t happen on other chars.


Oh, my bad.

But yeah, I’ve been hearing about a lot of issues with the hurtboxes on the new characters. They’re really wonky, it’s pretty annoying. Would strongly recommend that everyone checks out their confirms and combos on the new characters…wonder if there will be a patch/hotfix coming.


Standing jab whiffs on Decapre and Elena when they’re crouching sometimes and even more shenanigans st. fierce for some reason doesn’t always connect for me against Hugo when used as a anti air.