Bug whit combo counter?



English is not my first language soo…:sweat:

Prepare for a lot of gramatical and ortographic bulshit :rofl:

Lets begin the tread.

Last night i was joking arround whit Gouken, beating Seth trying to get a 100% combo. Then this hapen.


The first combo as you can see didnt kill Seth because of damage scaling.
The second does but stealing a hit from me:arazz:

If you count the hits the two combos have 12 hits but the second only show 11.

I think the sweep after ex fireball is the problem, this move not always get the oponent dizzy (at times it left seth whit 720 of stun)

What do you think? Is some kind of strange reset? i doubt it cause the combo count is inenterumpted.

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this cant be legit, when i do the same combo with gouken i dont get stun


Thats is wat i said.

Not always the sweep stun, the most times it left Seth whit 720 points of stun is weird iknow.


j.fierce > s.fierce didn’t combo dude.