Buggy Button?

I’ve had my stick for about a year now and a button has gonna wacky; when I press it most of the time, it’ll act as if it’s on Turbo for about a second, making it input light punch 6 times. Probably only 30% of the time, it’ll just input once, normally. Is it time for a new button? Or, is there something a common fix for this?

it could be a worn out button. It is common and easy to fix.
First open your stick, remove the 2 quick disconnects, plug in your stick to your system, and touch the metal of the 2 quick disconnects togther.
This is what your button already should be doing. if the problem is gone that its your button and just replace it.

What model of arcade stick are we talking about exactly? Some cheaper sticks are soldered on buttons that cannot just, “be replaced” like a Madcatz or HRAP.

It’s a HRAP 3. I’m not any sort of stick expert…