Bug's get fixed. What happened to Sim?



I don’t understand really. I thought no Super with fb on screen was a bug. Even disregarding that, there is clearly a bug with b.mk on crouching opponents. Did they even look Dhalsim’s way. Sorry about the rant, sometimes I really start to believe they don’t give a shizzle about this character. Honestly though I’m sure there are other characters in the same boat.


I laughed when I saw the bug list. Of course there was no Dhalsim.


Well, i bet they had it on their list… yet dhalsim is such a hard character to balance, no denying that.
He pretty much stomps scrubs without them having the slightest clue what to do at all, meanwhile he gets completely disarmed in mid-to-high gameplay…

Maybe they just left it in this time to see if dhalsim really “needs” the fb -> super trap


Welp dhalsim gets nerfed and still no super with fb on screen. Fuck you capcom