Bugs in the Console Beta of KOFXIII - Report 'Em Here! (Closed)

Hi KOF community, I’m one of the leads for the testing team at Atlus USA, the publisher of the upcoming King of Fighters XIII on XBox 360 and PlayStation 3. As you may or may not know, we’ve been doing some location tests for the game. You might’ve seen King of Fighters XIII at EVO or Otakon and perhaps even played it. And if you noticed any bugs while play-testing, I’d love to hear about them in this thread. We want this game to be the best it can be at release, and any help from the community regarding this matter is greatly appreciated.

Please include the following information when reporting (if possible):

  • Description of the bug
  • Steps outlining how to reproduce the bug
  • How often the bug was able to be reproduced (ie. always, sometimes, once)

Some broad categorizations of what bugs might include:

  • Freezing or slowdown
  • Corrupted graphics or sound
  • Infinites or exploits

What does NOT classify as a bug:

  • Balance issues
  • Missing features
  • Your opinion of the game

Thank you in advance for any assistance that you guys can provide us. If you can cite video footage of a bug, that would be incredibly helpful. I will be monitoring this thread on a regular basis, so if anyone has questions about this subject, feel free to post and I’ll do my best to respond.

It might be good idea to post this over at dreamcancel.com or at the KOF XIII thread at the Fighting Game Discussion. This subforum is kinda dead.
Also from what I heard over there:
-apparently there is huge slowdown when both characters are in hyperdrive mode.
-long ( almost 30 sec) loading times when loading in between matches. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_72pB1rRpbQ&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

2:02 - The “x” for Chin’s drink counter doesn’t display properly.

I couldn’t discern how it happened outside of both characters being in hyperdrive mode, but there were occasional slowdowns during gameplay where the game almost stops and then suddenly returns to normal operating speed. I’ve just noticed it during simple actions such as doing a hop attack against another opponent or when trying to do a low-hitting blockstring, otherwise normal situations. I’d see this kind of slowdown throughout the day, perhaps with the frequency between 7-20 games played. It doesn’t happen that often, such as per game, but any sort of slowdown is not good.

Otherwise I have nothing to report so far. Thank you for your time Mr. White Rob and Atlus.

I find a bug in Normal Saiki,he’s doing an infinite juggle combo when the opponent is on the air in a corner u.u

Guys, please stay on topic and only report bugs in this thread. If you have questions for Atlus, just PM me and I’ll respond that way. I don’t want to slog through a bunch of posts about things that aren’t related to bugs in the console release of the game.

To clarify on what has been discussed so far…

@Dr. Grammar: Thank you for reporting this. Exactly what we’re looking for and with video footage to back up your claim too.

The load times will be optimized for the retail build. There was no install feature implemented in the EVO/Otakon build and I’m certain this will speed things up.
Thank you for reporting the slowdown when both players enter HD mode. We noticed this as well at Otakon.
I’ve also noticed the random slowdown when performing other actions in a match and we’ll be doing our best to investigate the root cause of that.

@ Yagami-kun: You’ll need to be a bit more descriptive about what you’re talking about. Note that combo loops aren’t necessarily infinites (especially if they require meter), so keep that in mind.

don’t worry rob, i did a little cleanup just now. im also going to sticky this.

by the way, i forgot to test it at otakon but the arcade 1.1 has a bug where raiden can freeze the opponent if he hits with the anti-air command grab at the lowest point.

Also I think this may be a bit obvious but when I was playing the console version, when I set up my button configuration at the Option Menu on the main page, I try to exit Options and there is a small, additional text box that opens that is blank and it takes a while for the system to return to the main menu. I remember a few other instances that pop up those small, blank text/menu boxes but I can’t remember off the top of my head. It should be obvious where the occurrences are with regular testing and playing of the game and I hope those get fixed.

Thanks for the help rogueyoshi. I’ve tried to replicate the Raiden bug on the console version to no avail. Are there any specific conditions that have to be met in order to trigger that freeze? Does it matter which version of the air throw (LP or HP) lands? I’ve tried doing it on different stages with different characters and no freezes occurred, so hopefully SNK has already addressed that one.

I know this isn’t the 360 version but maybe someone can replicate it.

this isn’t a bug so much as a potentially abusable oversight. as I mention in the article chin’s situation is rather unique or atleast i think it is, so i don’t know if any other character can do anything similar, but i’d rather get this looked at now rather than later

Something I came across messing around with shortcuts

Is there some sort of bug with inputs?

There’s a shortcut to do 623P 236P by going 623P69P or 6236P9P (DP+P QCF+P by doing DP+P F,UF+P or F,QCF+P UF+P).

I can do this with Elizabeth 623A69A/C/AC easy
Athena is easy 623A69B/D/BD
Kyo can do 623A6B/D/BD

K’, Kyo, Robert, Yuri and Ryo, I can only cancel into A version of the 236 moves and 623A, C and AC version won’t come out at all, AC just comes out as A version. K’ can do it easily using 236B/D/BD

Just to follow this up, it’s something with C (HP) not working, the other 3 buttons trigger this shortcut fine.

This is out of HD mode. You can DP+A into ANY qcf+N except C button for some characters for some reason.

In HD mode, the shortcut works just fine. Can do DP+A into QCF+A/C/AC with the short cut a-ok.

i’m not getting the correct “times used” number with ash in the player data section of the ps3 version.

also happens with saiki :C

it doesn’t count me any wins and things with them

Since the game has been out for a bit now it’s time to close this thread. Check the new bug thread for info or post your findings. Thanks.