Bugs/Malfunctions and Features list to send to Capcom Unity


NOTE: Please add anything with bugs/malfunctions that you know and don’t already see.

Just another list to hit Combofiend with. This time with the common bugs that are plaguing the online.

***Bugs/Malfunctions that need to be fixed

Lag/frame skips during offline games as long as you are signed online. You literally have to be offline or not have the ethernet cable/wifi plugged in order to not have delay or frame drops. Which has also caused issues like “offline disconnects”. Should be no reason for this and needs fixing ASAP.

- Improve the rollback netcode so teleports/rollbacks and desynchs are minimized. If the connection isn’t extremely good teleports seem to be pretty common and distract especially people who are not used to them. Add an option to add delay or create some other technology that minimizes the rollbacks in non optimal connections.


  • Game suddenly putting you down a rank even though you didn’t lose any points**

**- Ranking and offline points not being sent to server.

- Common desynching issue where different players are playing completely different matches.

- PC alt tabbing issue which screws with the synching and can desynch players manually.

- Long waiting times for ranked matches and other -modes

- Battle lounges still disconnecting randomly

  • **GOD AWFUL loading times in certain parts of the game for 2016.

- Graphical issues such as the heavy clipping.

**- Remove black shadow pixels from characters.

  • Battle lounges on PC version doesnt have bars or flags when searching most of the time.

  • In training mode for the PC version the “shortcut settings” menu option doesnt work properly.**

***Features ***

**Add text and voice chat features to CFN and generally make it more intuitive. **For something that is supposed to allow people to connect, there isn’t much way to connect to people and the system isn’t very intuitive. Take some hints from what PC Mobas and such do so that players can truly have a central place to interact within the game. Right now CFN is EXTREMELY impersonal.

**- Post match options for both players. **Choose to rematch, character select or main menu. It’s inexcusable to not have this at launch.

**- Allow player two to select character and go back to main menu when pressing pause. ** That is also inexcusable.

- A strict punishment for people who rage quit. Make sure this is tested thoroughly so it doesn’t accidentally negatively affect the person who didn’t drop. The game should be able to tell close to 100 percent of the time who dropped and punish them effectively for it.

- Make hit boxes and frame data available in training mode and an active displaying frame data tool whenever you land an attack on hit or block. Would be preferred to have VF/DOA style active frame data listing where you can bring up an active menu that displays the data mined in the game everytime you land an attack.

- The ability to record a combo or set up and then restart at any point during the middle of said combo or setup. Like if you want to practice timing the last 3 hits of a juggle combo, you can just restart right before the last 3 hits of the juggle combo instead of having to perform the entire combo again. If you’re trying to practice blocking against a setup you can rewind to right before the setup crosses up or goes high/low.

  • Allow players to choose whether they want to be on player 1 or player 2 side in local vs mode before the character select screen.** This would make things a lot easier for tournaments or just casual play so people don’t have to hold home buttons, switch controllers or even switch seats just to be on the right side of the screen.
  • An actual TUTORIAL mode for the game that teaches people how to play SF.** There are still a lot of people who just play games and don’t read forums or watch streams much. Have them at least get a way to get quick entry into the competitiveness of the game by having the computer train them in aspects like anti airing, footsies, hit confirming, blocking, tech throwing, basic bnbs, educating them on how and why “cheap/spammy” tactics are beatable etc.

Guilty Gear Xrd did a good job creating different challenge trials where you learn how to do deal with things in the neutral.

- With rollback netcode being utilized, allow us to see the exact ping numbers for our opponents and give us a visual of how many frames of delay we are encountering during the fight like GGXrd. Allowing us to adjust that delay like in 3S OE or GGPO would be nice also. This is a game that’s prominently on PC now. Even MKX has pings. Get rid of the bars and put in pings please. They can give a much more exact idea of the connection than bars which seem to always be misleading. It’ll be easier to tell if something is wrong if you get a 30 ping match and its laggy. 30 ping should pretty much be no problems.

**- Add in features that help eliminate issues with pausing or wireless controller synch issues during tournaments that are notorious for negatively effecting big matches. ** A function that stops issues with people pressing the home/share/options during matches would be nice as well. People are regularly accidentally hitting share and options buttons which brings people back to the home screen.

  • Online Training Mode**

**- Tournament Ready Mode that sets all rounds, timer and other things to the default necessary for tournaments. **It should first ask for which side of the screen each player wants to be on, ask for button input check then go straight to the select screen. If possible, make sure all colors, outfits and characters are unlocked for this mode. Disable trophies for this mode as well.

- Frame skip in training mode and replays so we can freeze and see individual frames of things that are happening.

**- 2/3 or other options for ranked. **Possibly when you move up far enough in ranked you can make games 2/3 or higher to promote adapting to people’s play and less getting points just for going wild on the opponent for one match.

  • When people aren’t watching streams, give them options to spectate other people playing ranked or in lobbies right from the game itself.** Like allowing up to 20 or more people to purely spectate instead of play. A large set of ways to create, save and distribute replays would be nice as well.

- All play feature for lobbies. In lobbies let everyone switch between playing other people like at a BYOC or Japanese style LAN cabinet. If everyone is online there isn’t a need to have people in traditional single file line on one lobby/cabinet. Give us options to play or spectate different parts of the lobby at anytime. Sitting in a traditional long 6 to 8 person line is very archaic and gives that feel of everyone crowding around the one machine the day a new fighitng game released.

*** Add a benchmark and show your benchmark rating before a match.** This was an important feature in SF4. Showing the rating isn’t that important but it’s helpful, however having a benchmark is a MUST. Many people are unsure of the settings they are capable of using for a consistent value.

*** Direct input for joysticks/gamepads.** This is the standard in almost every fighting game. Direct input allows for many more peripherals to function than xinput. This includes many PS4/PS3 peripherals which people are more likely to use due to the compatibility with the new main console platform of the PS4. However it also allows people to continue to use their old Xbox stick. There is basically no reason NOT to use direct input.

*** Better rebinding display and system for keyboards.** At the moment the game does not display the actual keys you have switched things to, there is no way to view what keys are bound to what buttons, and you are limited to what keys you can even bind to inputs. This is another step backwards from SF4.

- Dual monitor support. Many people utilize dual monitors for their gameplay experiences and currently the game does not seem to support it properly.


Post match options for player 2 (e.g. rematch, select character, exit).


That’s a good one. I’ll add that. Have no idea why that wasn’t in day one.


Oh yes, how could I forget about this one. This felt tedious to deal with in a tournament setting the last time I came across this.

To add along, player 2 also cannot go to the character select screen or the main menu at the pause screen as well.


Added the issue that some have talked about where you end up going down a rank even though you didn’t lose points


Get rid of black shadow pixels on all the character models.


I was just thinking when were you gonna make a thread like this @“DevilJin 01” and here it is


I figured it would be a good time after getting some time to see what most of the issues and complaints are.

I added a couple things about the offline frame skips/lag as long as you’re signed in and graphical issues. If no one else has anything to add by tonight I’ll make the thread in Unity.


Umm… what? It works great, unless you want to span it across 2 monitors which is retarded because the game is very strictly 16:9

I’d even go as far to say it works better than just about every game out there for allowing me to alt-tab out and use my secondary monitor while still having the game running, so handy for streaming.

Now an option to change which monitor it opened on (like every SEGA PC game ever)? That’d be swell, tired to changing my default monitor before starting.


Yeah that was thrown in during the beta by Eternal and I decided to throw it in just incase it didn’t already get better. I know during the betas the dual monitor support was said to be off.


The dual monitor thing was from me, you jerk.

The problem with dual monitors and SFV is when you start SFV, one of three things happens (to me on win 7):

  1. second monitor goes black and is unusable.
  2. second monitor freezes frame on whatever it was displaying when you started SFV and is unusable.
  3. rarely the second monitor works like normal, e.g. you can continue watching TV, etc.


Well eternal reposted what you said I guess lol

I’ll throw it back in then just to make sure the base is covered


I mean since the very first PC beta its worked flawlessly for me and is one of the rare games to allow you to use your second monitor while the game is in exclusive fullscreen.


Second this, med setting and max settings have horrible black dots/lines on shadows on the character that don’t always show up.


PC version Bug:

If you have a Wacom tablet plugged in and its drivers running, SFV will always crash within 15mins. The only way to prevent this from happening is to unplug your Wacom tablet and stop all Wacom related drivers in the task manager before you launch SFV.


I’m literally playing on someone else’s acount ATM. The fuck?


So here is a bug where after Nash does EX Sommersault and Ryu does a V-reversal the EX flash stays there until he gets hit, don’t know if anyone reported this bug before. I play on the PS4.


What vid card/OS/video settings are you running? SFV is one of the few games that doesn’t work right for me with dual monitors.



That actually looks pretty cool. I’d rather they didn’t fix that. Actually, they should have it trigger more easily!


Windows 10 Enterprise N
1080p no scaling, All on high or max but it behaved this way regardless of what I set the other options like AA,effects, etc.