Build log of a 2 player controll pannell

i built an arcade cab last year and was unaware of all the different stick and button options so i just stuck a tankstick in it. well i fell in love with the ls56 and the hrap button layout so i rebuilt an immitation tankstick but with jap parts and layout. its not done but here are a few construction pics . ill post the final result once its painted and the art is done in the custom stick gallery.

Looks cool already.
(How will you hold it? Just kidding.)

Is the big hole for a trackball?
Is it going to be attached to the cabinet or will it be able to stand alone?

Damn! Looks great!! I want to go 4 players to play some serious Sunset Riders!!!

thats top tier shit.

Ya the big hole is for trackball/ mouse. Basically in my arcade cab there is a hole that the tankstick drops into. This drops into the same hole. If you look at my other set of pics on that web album it has the whole arcade cab construction.