Build my cabinet

Hello guys,

I am thinking to build my owm cabinet :slight_smile:
By chance someone remember the topic of this cabinet? ( see img. Join )


I don’t know the specifics about that cab in particular, but that looks like a modified “Vewlix” design. Google Vewlix and you’ll be swimming in plans. There’s also a thread somewhere around here* about a guy selling custom Vewlix kits, but there’s a waiting list.

Good luck, and keep us posted!

*Here, to be specific: Anyone here bought a VEWLIX kit from KRAY?

Ah thanks !
But still, i want to do it myself and it cannot wait :wink:

I love that DIY spirit. I would still look into the Link just to see how other people go about their Vewlix cabs, it might give you some insight on your project.
I recommend hitting google hard and taking notes on what other people have done, after you weigh your pros and cons on each set of plans or build you can take which plans fits your needs the best.

Here is a site with blue prints

Still I recommend doing your homework as there more than 1 way to skin a cat

Much enjoyment and reward to be had building your own. You can use my plans, or bits of it:

Build log:

Double post

Hey! Thanks ALL so much for your suggestions and ideas. I sure click all links :slight_smile:


Eric : your plans, wow O_o ! … thx