Build or buy my weapon?

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, a question.

Should I go and build myself a stick, or save up some money and buy one?





fuck this section is filled with useless/stupid/annoying 09 members


so shaaaaaaammmmmlesssssssssss :woot:

wtf man.

5.) Sign Out of Shoryuken.Com and Delete Bookmark

i think youre old enough to decide for yourself

build it , sell it , buy one, mod it,

lol… hmm should i use baby wipes or toilet paper??


give them away to the needy

lol the 09ers hating 09ers

I’d eat my own children if I had to.

Because some of us try not to make pointless new threads for questions and try and follow the rules of the fourms.

It’s guys like this that make some of us wish we found SRK 2-3 years ago.


It’s good to know we’ve fallen this far. :party:

Not all of the 09 members are that bad. But there is no need to answer a question that still requires someone to make a choice only they can make…

no its 99.7% of the 09 members. 2-3 of you guys are cool.

I lol’d.

Do it.:chainsaw:



'09 deserves the hate. Then again, I’m a douche.

Love the way you guys bash new people to this forum. :rolleyes:

He made a topic which ultimately comes down to a choice only he can make for himself. Not only this, but he made a thread asking a question that has been asked over and over again. Its not as if he asked what we had done, he was asking what we think he should do.

Personally, build yourself a stick. Feels great once its all working.