Build Your Own Arcade Stick?

Is there a tutorial on building a arcade stick from the ground up?
I’ve seen many custom ones on the thread but no tutorials.
(and yes, I have indeed used the search function)

Holy fuck, that’s going to take ages to read; but thank you.
Hopefully I’ll be building my own soon and wont be fucked with the MadCatz one.

only if u like. u are sure to build your own soon

(Very) Abridged?
Get case. (Or make, which is another topic in intself)
Get 6/8 buttons. (Plus start/select/home)
Get joystick with proper mounting harness.
Get PCB (preferably common ground PCB).
Get soldering stuff.
Get tools.
Apply artwork (if applicable)
Mount joystick.
Snap in/Screw in buttons.
Fire up the soldering iron.
Connect ground from PCB to each button (usually by daisy chaining).
Connect signal from PCB to other end of buttons.
Plug in wiring harness of joystick with PCB. If joystick doesn’t have PCB, daisy chain the COM-marked section of microswitches with any ground wire. Then solder on the ON/OFF switch to signal of PCB.
If using joystick with PCB, refer to this to see where to solder to.

Close it up, you’re done.

Repeat soldering signal to signal wires and connect one ground and VCC line to more common ground PCBs if you plan to make it multi system. Add switch if you want USB line to be both PS3 and 360, or get common ground 360 PCB, and get ChImp for autodetection.

thanks much Nerrage

usually, how much the cost for build our own arcade stick? ty

Varies on the materials used, but typically $200 and up assuming you already own all the tools.