Build your own Lindberg arcade cabinet. Tutorial Inside!

IIRC, someone posted a picture of this Cab a while back. I personally was amazed at how cool it was and how clean it looked. After going through Kotaku, I found the tutorial on how to build the Cab. I’m not gonna do it, but I thought someone would like instructions on how to do so.

Kotaku Article:

How to build the Cabinet:

Damn that looks nice. Good find dude.

and i think the person who built a cabinet like that has one on sale in the trading outlet now.

Almost everyone who frequents the tech forums has seen and drooled over "LA Akira’s’ setup so this thread is kinda pointless and hardly a tutorial.

I would love to build something like this, and there’d no doubt in my my mind that I couldn’t, but there are a few hurdles in my way…

  1. I already have an arcade cabinet :wgrin:
  2. No space to put a second one in my house
  3. My missus would commit murder if I made it :rofl:
  4. The cabinet would be cheap enough to make, but then you got the monitors and consoles on top of it.

But it does look unreal. Personally, I wouldn’t have bothered with the PC and kept it solely for console use, and I would’ve used new Sanwa gear (connected to controller PCB’s), instead of chopped up VSHG sticks. - Would’ve made it look neater.

LoL that’s so true. If you search for any Japanese joystick/cabinet related images you will stumble across that at least once or twice.

Haha nice find. I can’t believe he actually built a second, better one. Like almost everybody else here, that’s too expensive for me. Plus I live on the east coast.

You and me both bra… though I wonder if the old’e ball and chain would let me cop that…

*Oh wifey…

old news… already posted at both the “show your SF blablabla setup” and “candy cabinet made from scratch with wood” threads here @ SRK…

For more info, go to the second one…

L A Akira is a member here, lol its not a omg its so distant thing. You could say hi to the creator right here lol.

Hi LA Akira!