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This is not a ?for sale? thread and this is not a ?how to? thread.
If you have any questions about how to build a stick, Shoo has a great sticky on Building Essentials.

[/disclaimer] :wgrin:

Not a lot of people get to see the progress shots of sticks so I am going to try to remember to grab the camera as much as possible while I build my next stick.

I will post the photos and the ideas behind them.

Sounds like a cool idea. I love that behind the scenes type stuff. Keep us posted! :smiley:

I like this idea as well =). It’ll help people understand how much time and effort goes into a great quality stick.

:u: Tingboy, that’s assuming it comes out quality. It’s entirely possible that I’ll wreck it along the way. But that’s alright.

So last time I had an idea to build a stick, the inspiration came from a TV show called Rob & Big. On this one episode, Big bought a Pinto (small car) and then they painted it flat black. That is what inspired this:

Murder Black

This time the inspiration came in Los Angeles traffic when one of these got in front of me.

Update #1

I spend a lot of time in traffic and when I’m not on the blue tooth, I sometimes daydream about shite like this.

I wanted to make the case out of hardwood for the light weight and the durability. This case will have some bulk to it so it wont be that light but it wont be like a brick of MDF.

Since I’ll be painting the case, my choice of wood species doesn’t really matter. I chose these pieces based on their thickness, sturdiness and ease of use. Also, they were scraps from other projects.

I assembled all the pieces with glue and dowels through every piece. Basically its a big ol block of wood. Before I glued it up, I drilled three 24mm holes thinking that the case will most likely get used for Xbox360.

i love rob and big… how are you going to use that car to make a case?

I don’t know yet. It’s only the inspiration. The case will likely come out entirely different. I just like the lines and the shape.

ohh i thought u were about to do something like cut out the case like the shape of the car LOL… that is thick wood

Update #2

One thing that is pretty important to me is ergonomics. The case has to feel comfortable either in your lap or on your desk but most importantly, on your wrists.

Youre going to have lots of time before a match or in between rounds to rest your hands on the case and it should feel natural.

I put the block of wood on the table saw and it is starting to take shape.

Wow, what a mess.

thats a nice block.

i wish i had a cam so could take pics of my works-in-progress.

very nice shop btw. i work off a picnic table in my back yard :slight_smile:

Wow… I like the shape of that case.

:u: thanks.

I am thinking of doing a straight layout for buttons because I have only tried it once.

/edit: when I put my hands on the case it just doesnt feel right with a straight layout. The BlastCity layout just feels so right.

Update #3

Ive been working from dark to dark at my day job so I havent had any time to work on this or take quality photos. I did manage to get the layout cut into the case however.

Here is what it looks like now.

I’m looking forward to it.

Quick question. Do you have a How To, or will you ever have one ?

This thread is really interesting and extremely cool!!

(Still, I was hoping that clicking on this thread would instantaneously make me as awesome of a builder as TMO. Oh well. :rofl: )

I want that stick already =(

Hey Timoe, mind if I ‘borrow’ the idea of chamfering the button holes??? :lovin: I also like your two in one work station (router/mitersaw).


There is a sticky on the essentials of stick building here.

Ha. Of course not. I 'stole" the technique from Fjod. The only way I could feel robbed is if your cases ended up with plexi glass bottoms or something crazy. :wgrin:

Sensei Timoe-Sama :china:

lexan bottoms are the best thing since sliced bread, among other Timoe secrets:wink: