Builder's Log | Takin a crack at it

Let me start of by saying hi to everyone. :woot:

Ive been lurking around this site for a week or so. Glad I joined up because the amount of knowledge and talent on here is 2nd to none imo. Ive learned quite a bit in a short amount of time.

I decided its time to make my own stick. Im going with an American layout and Happ controls. From what ive read, most of you prefer a japanese setup. I grew up playing on Happ and its what im used to. When I build my second setup ill go with Sanwa/Seimitsu :wink:

Anyways heres my “workshop” and todays progress:

Managed to get the top/bottom and frame pieces cut out. Also managed to drill and install some dowels. Wanted to get alil further but its my birthday and I have a gf who would like to spend some time with me so… tommorows another day.

heres a mock up of the layout and graphics:

Anyways thats all for now, ill post more progress pics soon.


try to take as many photos as you can!

Good progress, but I gotta tell ya. That artwork is sorta ugly. Looks like Ken and Ryu and some Guilty Gear Characters all combined genes.

will do :slight_smile:

nothing is set in stone… I appreciate your input.

6 buttons > 8 buttons imo

i agree with eliterice rocket. 6 buttons rulz.

Yeah, unless you’re going to use the stick for some non arcade games

Well… I am building it for my 360. Wanted to cover all the buttons

the 2 trigger buttons need resistors to make them into single step buttons for a 360 pad… just so you know! most people dont wire those also they just do abxy rb lb guide start back and the dpad

Thanks for the heads up about the resistors. I had a page bookmarked from xbox-scene about solder points… totally forgot about the resistors

If I go with the 6 instead of 8 then ill just skip using the triggers.

It’s better that way as you even get more room when you’re playing for your hands to rest and stuff. More room for pinkys and such, but I honestly don’t get how players rest their whole hands at an angle on the stick. I guess for casuals, but when I get really into a game/match, my hands are upward/at an angle and pointing down. Daigo and the other pros seem to play this way too looking from videos, of course they probably take every match seriously.

Use the triggers instead of bumpers for the 6 button setup if you plan to use the stick for backwards compatible xbox 360 games like the street fighter anniversary collection. The bumpers dont work on backwards compatible games but the triggers do. I think its better to go with triggers instead so you have the option.

If you leave the little trigger pots on the PCB you wont even need the resistors. But then again, resistors are like $0.50 at Radio Shack.

Its pretty easy to do.

Havent had much time so progress is slow… managed to snap a few shots for you guys

ran out of clamps… need to visit home depot again

and a pic of the beast thats made it all happen so far :rock:

wood inserts are the “shit” put em in both sides of the block and the whole stick can be broken down and remade at any time.

where did you pick yours up?
the ones at lowes suck

Already did :wink:

Home Depot. They’re made by "House-Mates Hardware"
I think the model number is 54474. The specs are 1/4-20 x 20mm

/jealous of that saw. They are so awesome to use. I got to mess around with one in Carpentry class in high school. I wish I still had access to it.

Straight 4 on 4 layout sucks, but that’s just my tastes in sticks.

Otherwise, holy shit your workshop is awesome.

?? Don’t the bumpers get reported as white and black on BC games? I know I used it for flashlight on teh Haloz.

Yeah they do afaic.