Builder's Log | Three hardwood cases

With the latest threads on stick builds I thought that I’d do one of mine as well. This stick is for Vildiil and it is currently in progress. This is going to be a dual system pad for Playstation and Xbox 360. Here is a pic of the parts that will be installed.

GameStop 360 pad
Sony PS1 DualShock pad
6 Seimitsu 30mm buttons
3 Seimitsu 24mm buttons
Sanwa JLF joystick

The wood that Villdil chose is Jatoba also called Brazilian Cherry. Here is a pic of the rough boards with a test coat of Tung Oil to show the color. They will be milled down to make the sides of the case. The case design will be one of my unique angled sides. I’ll have more pics in the next day or two as the wood is processed.

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I get some of my wood straight from the lumber mill. This is an example of how rough the cuts can be.

So the first thing that must be done is to make sure that the boards are flat and true.

After the boards have been prepared it is time to cut them. Here is a shot from the ends to show the slight angle I use in my cases. This makes the mitered corners real tough to get right.

Finally there are times when a board doesn’t make the cut. This one had an inclusion that I didn’t find until after the board was cut. This one will be cut into smaller pieces for joystick tops.

Next update will be assembly of the sides of the case.


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Kaytrim, I like seeing the wood prior to milling it down. I am also excited to see how you utilize the two pcb’s.

Timoe, I figured that I’d show some of the pitfalls that can set back a build. This one has shown a few from the git go. There are also several possible stumbles along the way with the dual pad system.

R-Jive, Sure I’ll do a log of your stick too. That will be a real complex and fun build.

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Pics only do so much. You got to have words to help the viewer understand what they are looking at. Don’t worry BP there will be more pics but it will take some time, this is a work in progress.

I am glad to see the interest in this thread and I will do my best to give you some good information. However I am not going to share all of my secrets. :wgrin: For example the angles of the sides and the compound miter cuts will not be given.


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Time for an overdue update.

After the boards are milled to the proper thickness they are taken to the table saw. There they get cut down to the desired width including the slight angle I put on them. Next the boards get mitered at the ends on the compound miter saw.

Once all the boards are mitered then we glue them up. Here is a pic of the first corner being glued and clamped. These miter clamps have sharp points in them and will mar the surface of the wood if I didn’t put these small pieces of hardboard clamped in place with these strong spring clamps.

I am not too worried about any squeeze out of the glue at this stage because it will get scraped or sanded off in a later stage. Here is a pic of the case all glued and clamped.

The saying goes one can never have enough clamps. Here you can see a close up of the miter clamps. The ones on the top and bottom I am not worried about marring the surface because the edges will get rounded over by a router.

Next update will cover the rounding of the edges and drilling the holes for the side buttons.