Building 3rd Strike Arcade Cab. Which Version to Use?


Hey all!

Just as the title tin says… I’m really wanting to put together an arcade cabinet as a summer project just pondering which 3rd Strike version to put in there. I have a working PS3, PS2 and Dreamcast. The game is on all three of those… and each have their ups/downs. I’m not a stickler, exactly but I would prefer to have the closest to “arcade perfect” I can get in there. Again, NOT a stickler so it’s not the end of the world.

The upside of putting my PS3 in there is that I can also play all the more recent fighters. Unfortunately, it’s a newer PS3 so it cannot play older games. The upside of using a Dreamcast is that I can play Powerstone on an arcade cab. :slight_smile:

Anyway! Which version of 3rd Strike would you use in your cab…?



Japan 990512


I’m going to use 3SOE when I build a cabinet… Mostly because I have a lot of XBLA titles to play. Idk what the consensus to arcade perfect is. They all kinda feel the same to me but I’ve never played on a true 3S cabinet so I’m going to try it out when I move to Chicago. Idk, I’m probably gonna get the SF anniversary collection as well and run it on my 360 because I like the presentation more than 3SO.




Yes yes. Lulz at me because I’d like to put together a cabinet for fun. Will admit - I posted the question about the console version because I own the consoles and have copies already (besides the DC). Didn’t even think about buying a cheap desktop PC and going at it like that. Thanks for the version Sessha. And thanks Yomi for being blunt, which opened a door in a hallway I forgot existed. And thank you metric for liking yomi’s comment, further making me feel like a nub. xD


don’t buy a desktop PC either

buy the actual arcade hardware plz

it’s tops on my priority list when I have the extra spendable money

anyway if you were dead set on going console I’d choose the 360 version over all of those. it’s like PS3 but with less glitchy shit. I think it was developed for 360 then last minute thrown on PS3 or something. who knows.


I like how the arcade version isn’t even in the farthest corner of your mind while building an arcade cab. Hilarious.


unless this person is a hardcore 3S fan, putting the arcade version would be pointless. it costs more than an entire console and you can only play one game. maybe that’s good value for some of us, but not for everybody.

if you don’t care about the HUD or music, might as well go with PS3. once guilty gear comes out, the major games will be on PS3 and PS2 won’t really have an advantage in fighting game selection.




What parts are you using for the cab?


Last time I saw a 3S board was on Ebay and it was running AT LEAST $500+. Idk if that’s how some people budget their games but if I’m not making money off a $500 investment that I could be making money off of then it’s not worth it.
Though I entirely plan on blowing $700+ on a 3S cab the day I can. If my grandad can buy a brand new Chevy for himself for father’s day, I can buy a 3S board and build a cab because the sky is fucking blue…


Presentation is pretty cool. The vibrant orange gradient, your choice of Arcade or Arranged soundtrack, etc. The emulation for 360 kinda makes the game run even worse. After every KO is a very strange sound that lingers until the start of the next round. Though you got your working replays there.

I forgot if you mentioned “playing the CPU to actually learn, who woulda thunk it”

Yes this game is good for it, since they will always block your meaties without fail, not try to SRK thru everything on wakeup. You’ll have to learn to counter hit, punish, or I guess abuse some of their AI tricks with tricks of your own as some people need for these wacky SF3:OE trials.

PS2 version has a stronger CPU for some reason. You will get punished with Super, in places where it does make sense, not like older Capcom games with drop a 2nd cr.jab, whiff something point blank eat lv 3 Super for your troubles, MASHCOM.

Master class grandad there. Do learn about the “suicide cart” and battery changing when you do manage. Or look it up now, no shame in checking things out and learning even if you never get there.


if youre going to build a cab then just use your ps3. It will be much easier than putting in an arcade board, and unless you plan on using a crt monitor it would be kinda lame to run cps3 on a hd monitor (eww).

do not use your dc in there if you care about arcade accuracy. you can do some research on this. that port is the worst.

using an actual cps3 board only makes sense if youre a 3rd strike purist. ps3 is good for you.

if i could give you a bit of advice…buy a japanese cab! much better than building something imo.


Just to let you know, Anniversary Edition on the 360 lags in the air whenever someone is launched high enough. This doesn’t occur on the regular xbox. You have to pick Russia as the stage to use for no lag.


Any cons w/ps2 ver?


For that take your quarters Arcade feel, the CPU does play harder default settings or no.

Otherwise there are lots of things wrong with that version to look into.


yep. just play oro and double jump. instalag.

as for the dreamcast version, if i understand correctly it’s missing some frames of animation and it’s based on ver.b board so there’s no unblockables. i liked the ps2 version until i played a lot on the arcade. even doing oro’s chicken combos are different just because of the timing difference between the two so i can only imagine it’s like that for every character you get used to. go with ps3 3soe since that has the closest timing to the arcade version. i’ve read somewhere on srk that the newest mame or fba has fixed the emu timing on 3s and if that’s true then that would be best. well besides the actual board of course. i’d like to get two blast cities and a real cps3 board someday but i’m not made of money either. especially sucks that you have to change the battery every 5 years or you’ll kill the rom or board (i forget which). hopefully one day someone figures out how to phoenix dead cps3 boards into the original 3rd strike and not the asian version.


Eeeeeee! Glad this thread has been getting some action.

Alright y’all - I wanted to build a cab because I’m a nerd and I always have people over to play games. I’m not a 3rd Strike purist, though I am a huge fan. I’m not trying to go all out here, preferably just make a bad ass cab that I can throw one of my systems in and be able to play “like the real thing” only not and for less quarters. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets say one were to order a cab from Japan (or anywhere, really)… what cab would you look at? I’m not trying to take up a shit load of space so unfortunately a head-to-head is out of the question. I’d like to settle on a cab (or cab style) and then just go for it. I’ll be able to stick my PS3 in there to play some SF4/MvC3/KoF/Blazblue… and of course 3S and MvC2, so I’m probably going to go that route if I don’t buy a cheapo 360 and hack it up.

Just wanting to build a decent two-player cab w/ all Sanwa parts. No expectations otherwise. :slight_smile:



Sega Blast city and Astro city cabinets are generally the best 1P/2P sit down cabinets imo.

Astro City

Blast City

I don’t remember forsure, but I think the Blast city has a higher res monitor…

Keep your eye out on craigslist and other arcade websites that sell/trade locally. I recently seen an astro on craigslist for $700 in Walnut, CA. (probably super arcade). Oh yeah, I think you can only use the monitor from the Blastcity directly into a VGA line for ur Xbox360 or whatever… pretty sure the Astro monitor doesn’t have one… hopefully somebody can clarify.


do not buy a cps3 / 3s cart unless you are
a) brave
b) very comfortable with replacing the suicide battery while the system is running
c) ok with the system dying in a couple years anyways

just get a pc and hook up the emulated version.

i have a naomi standup cab that’s connected to a 360, which is a good compromise. very easy VGA hookup to the screen (31hkz / 480p) and all i had to do was hack apart 2 madcatz pads to run between the 360/pc and the CP. the ps3 doesn’t support VGA out without transcoding, so that was out of the question from the outset.

ideally you look for a cab that’s got a trisync (15-31khz) monitor and is pretty clean structurally. everything else you typically have to replace anyways - arcades are not kind to equipment.