Building a better HRAP (Foreal this time)

^This Sanwa equipped bad boy has been my standby stick for a few years now and lately has been pushed to the back burner by my Virtua, Namco, Wiiand Blast City sticks.

With jacksh*t else to do, I decided to change things up a bit.

A minor annoyance with the above stick were the protruding carriage bolts so, with some JB Weld, a grinder, locknuts and spacers, I ground them flush.

Cover the square segment of the bolts in JB Weld, and cinch them tightly to the metal panel with nuts and spacers.

After it cures, grind flushed.

After all that, I decided to mount a LS-32 to freshen things up a bit. Unfortunately, the T5 stick is not properly equipped with the correct mount to make bolting on an LS-32 a seamless event. After many measurements and indecision…

I finally had the LS-32’s bracketry located squarely but, what to do about the ugly mounting bolts???..
…Countsinking and more JB Weld.

Pics of the flushness (kinda big so click if you care:wonder:)

The underside after discrepant holes were filled with JB Weld.

Ready for Bondo.


D/A’d to flatness.

3 coats of etching primer.

3 coats of high build

With the panel near ready for paint, I began working on the shell. First I drilled a 24mm hole on the front-left of the case and super glued a filler piece of plastic over the old cord outlet. Then I Bondo’d and sanded the bit*h flush.

Cleaned the shell with SEM plastic prep from a previous stick build…

…and primed the shell with plastic primer.

Both the shell and case after block sanding.

The metal panel recieved its last layer of primer, “Primer Sealer” and now both are ready for paint, but I’m not sure what color for the panel?!??:confused:?!??

I’m now off to find paint.

Use that NEON yellow spray paint. That would be incredibly cool.

Notanoob you are my hero!!!

looks great!


That school bus yellow? I was an a different state of mind when I did that:looney:


Later Today

Painted the shell with black SEM interior paint. It’s a little on the flat side, but it turned out great.

Also I test fit some buttons that arrived from Lizard this morning and I must say, these are the ugliest buttons I’ve ever laid hands on. I thought the plungers were going to be clear, but it’s white and with a black base:wtf: Luckily I planned on painting the plungers the same color as the panel, which will be a custom mixture of Duplicolor ‘Light Blue Metallic’ and ‘Gunmetal’. I’ll pour the contents of the cans into a 3rd party sprayer and paint the panel when the primers solidifies a lil more. I hope the color turns out like I imagine.:tup:


Did you get Black Rim buttons with Clear Skeleton buttons?

I was going by these pictures when I ordered and figured the the black buttons would look the same but with “clear/black” plungers. No biggie. Shipped fast and well packed as always.


I repainted the shell with satin black SEM…

…disassembled the buttons and painted them with my custom blend I call “denim metallic”…

…and laid some paint on the panel. Don’t be too critical, it needs clearcoat:wink:

It’s coming along swell:woot:

you should build a hinge system like your blast city stick. that would be awesome.

Woah, looking good so far. Thats dope how you colored the buttons.

WOW it looks GREAT so far! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Very nice. :tup:

Shame you repainted the body though. I quite liked the flat matte look.

whoa, that satin black! beautiful color!

Gah! hurry up! i need to see some more pictures of this sexy beast!

Awwh dood this is cool.

You should be an arcade stick beautician. You know, you set up a salon and people pay to consult you when their game is ugly or sub-par.

Cheers for the comments guys. I’m very eager to compete this and thrash on a LS32 for the 1st time.

One of the carriage bolts that I suspected didn’t get a complete squeeze out seal of JB-Weld fell out, leaving a void in the paint and my heart:sad: It’s now reprimered and now the eta for paint and clear is this Friday.

Just finished watching ‘The King of Kong’ and decided to post.

This is the best paint job I’ve done, thus far. There’s NO visible trash in the paint or clear. I wouldn’t even bother with the final cut and buff if it weren’t for the orange peel*

Final update and part install after the paint hardens and pcb is chosen.

*Six coats of clear

Dynamat, huh? Is it for acoustics or weight or what?

Cuz it was free:wink:

Honestly, it adds some weight and contributes to a solid feeling stick but, it does nothing to suppress the sound of my late night “tap, tapping” like it was intended. If it were easy to remove, I would have.

Wow, wonderful paintjob ! Eager to see the full stick