Building a better hrap, from scratch? New PICS!

So i have been playing around with this idea for a while now and i finally decided to get started on it. so far i only have the top plate and sides welded up. no holes for joystick or buttons. It will more than likely have 6 button layout with the other buttons on the sides. sorry no pics yet way to early. should be able to get some up over the weekend if i am lucky.

yes it’s aluminum

Have you thought about incorporating a mounting bracket like the HRAP, where you could mount a JLF or an LS32?

Nice idea btw keep us posted with pics =D

Please use candy paint.

sounds cool :tup:

btw I love that srk stick in your sig!

candy paint: of course.

Just curious but what’s the usual cost to apply sparkly paint if I want someone else to do it? I’m gonna get a Namco stick soon that I’d want to pretty up. I was thinking of using .004 metal flakes and just clear coating it a couple of times without having to do any knockdowns.

not sure. i work for a huge sign company so i just get the lead painter to spray anything i need. the most I pay is 30

Don’t use lead paint… Yuck. :rofl:

I’ve been wanting to make something like what finkle makes…

Those sound something like what you are talking about, which is very nice stuff.

Seriously though, sounds cool, keep us posted!

heres what i have so far

Oh man Aluminum too, nice job! :stuck_out_tongue:

nice i cant wait to see the final product.

Wow man, that’s looking really clean!

I’d insulate it somehow.

I remember in the winter I started to really hate having an RAP…

i wonder if i should move the stick and buttons over to the left a little. there is plenty of room on the top plate, all extra buttons will be going on the front. i know moving it wouldn’t keep it true to form but hey aluminum trumps plastic all day long.

Looks great! Keep us updated!

I would never had thought about that. :confused:

This really makes me want to go to Home Depot and buy that shitty ass tig welder. I’m going to check out the technical High School near my house to see if they offer classes on how to weld.

candy apple!

it has been a while but i dont get much time to work on it. here are some more pics. enjoy.

Looks good, and I say that only because you can weld. Anyone else attempting to replicate an Hrap from scratch would fail miserably.

thanks. it’s just a prototype