Building a case... any diagrams or blue prints?


none of the stickies mention this… .and the the search (via google) is useless because I like to do title searches.

I got all my parts and have everything in a cardboard box!. I’d like to build a box now but was wondering if some had blueprints on dimensions and so on… any ideas? links?

Hate to create a thread like this but search revealed nothing.





there were tons of threads on this… no excuse not to find what you needed



I know there are tons of threads… It’s just that the search feature of this site Sucks with a big S…

They need to bring back the old search where one can select which section to search, search only titles, etc… not the stupid google crap.




Ehh, don’t you think thats a pretty weird spot for the search option? I tried to find the search link as well and ended up stumped like the OP. I didn’t notice that search bar was there until now :confused: . To be honest, I don’t think 70% of the newly registered users are going to find it.


uh how could you not find it? How dense can you be?


Weird spot? You mean at the top of the page right by the number of pages? Maybe they should have put it OVER the new thread button, that seems to be the only thing most people can find now a days.


That is standard on most larger forums… Welcome to the internet, please leave your ego at the door…

As for the original question - slagcoin sadly doesn’t have what he is looking for.


whenever people don’t read, that’s the problem



I read many large forums. No one has the search feature where SRK has it. Most if not all have it at the top bar where it says User CP, Forum Rules, FAQ, ETC. and it is accessible from anywhere in the forum, even if you are in a thread.

Unlike SRK’s search, which is ONLY accessible when you’re in the main section and not when you’re in a thread. I just didn’t see it because no one has it where SRK has it.


Your seriously going to make me make another picture for you?


Seriously? Did you read what I wrote above? I suggest you read it again. I can’t believe I’m even arguing this lol.

Search This Tread is NOT EQUAL to Search This Forum.

Search this forum feature is ONLY accessible when in the main section of the forum, NOT when in a thread, and to top it off, it’s located in an area where no one has it… I suggest they go back and put the Search Forum feature where it belongs, at the top bar between “Calender” and “Quick Links” and take out the stupid useless Google search which doesn’t do anything.

Anyways… those who helped. Thanks.


i’ve been using that diagram but i have a hard time getting the printer to print on the right scale ( for button drilling purpose)


Hey Racecar,

If you print the 100dpi from the browser, it’s actually very close to scale.
I printed this from the browser in a Landscape format.
I then measured it with a ruler and it was very accurate.

What someone needs to do is take these and put them in a PDF format. because that way they can keep the scale perfect… up to 8.5x11 sheets (or use legal)… that way all one has to do is print to get a perfect scale.

GIF/JPEG/and other image formats just don’t work/


Has PSDs of the mad catz templates. They print out perfect scale.