Building a cheap arcade setup


Hi Im looking for tips on building a nice arcade setup with limited things… I have a ps3 and dreamcast with 2 Mas arcade sticks I usually play on the floor but I want to change it up a bit. Can I get some tips on how to build a small little arcade station, like I on what type of table or stool that I can put my two sticks on without it moving everywhere. I would like to know the distance I should have the tv from the sticks so it feels like a real arcade. Can I get some tips and small tools that you use thanks!


Distance: Go look at a real arcade cab and take measurements or just go with whatever feels right to you… i dono

Tools… umm… ruler, pencil, screwdriver, drill, clamps, imagination, etc.

Materials… wood, glue, screws, misc. hardware


Thanx… i need help finding sturdy stools or a table that will hold both sticks without moving… it seems like whatever i have it just keeps moving…


If you decide to put in there a CRT over 20 inches then double whatever bracing you’d be planning on. Those things are heavy as hell and I have seen more than one home made setup crash due to not having enough support.


I dont think hes planning on building his own cabinet… just a setup that will hold his 2 sticks in an arcade style configuration

I could be wrong though :confused:


Ok, well then he has nothing to worry about. I used a 24 inch computer crt one time in a cab and I thought I gave myself a hernia just picking it up. If just a mini control panel/stick holder is built that would be pretty cool though. Like the x-arcade tank but with more room and good sticks actually in it.


i would say if space isnt an issue, build a showcase cab (like NFL Blitz), basically just a pedestal (sp?) mount for both the sticks.

I would say build a pedestal, and have the sticks kinda counter sunk into it so that they wont move and your able to space them good enough for 2 players comfortably. With this you can move it around since it shouldnt be to heavy depending on how you do it. The only problem is you would need a TV eye height but if thats already solved then this is your best bet.


I think I got the tv height And distance down but I need a to build something for my stick. Does anyone have tutorials and photos of theirs? Thanks so much for the people helping!


would this book help you?


no point in buying crt anymore.
a computer 24 inch lcd goes got 200-250 cdn now.
you would be able to skip the rgb adapter to the jamma board too since the monitor can display 15hz/24hz just fine with the vga port.


does anyone else that has a Mas Stick feel like it moves around to much for something that is that big?