Building a competitive FGC for an unknown game

So this is something i have been thinking about for awhile. A few months back a fighter dropped that I really love. I think the game has a lot of hidden depth and it shows from what I have discovered as well as others that are in the lab with the game. There are a few websites where high level discussion is going on but it’s inconsistent and happens sporadically. My only competition is my friend. This doesn’t bother me since between the two of us we play virtually the entire cast so matches are never boring. But I see the potential the game has and I know it could be more. There are things that coud help me build a scene and there are things that would hinder me.

The game I am talking about is called Kamen Rider: Super Climax Heroes.

It is very different and unique but it does a lot of things right and has several sub systems to keep abusive gameplay in check. The main things working against me are as follows.

  1. it’s an import title. The game is in Japanese so only hardcore fans will take time to play it and understand it.

  2. it’s based on kamen rider. This good and bad. Kamen rider has a solid fan base but being based n a kids show can be off putting for many gamers. They may see it as childish similar to smash bros. series.

  3. very different gameplay. There isn’t the usual high low game. Instead it has a unique metagame based around throws, guard pressure/guard crushes, unblockables, and left/right mx ups. This may be very off putting for traditional fighting gamers.

  4. no online play. This is a huge hurdle. Online play is the present and the future. Games without it are forgotten quickly these days.

I have connections and I have ways to get the game more exposure but it will definitely be a challenge. My friend that got me into kamen rider and this game does a ton of game streaming so I will talk to him about streaming our matches sum time. I already did some character write ups on another forum and people liked it. I have another friend that is a well known tourney organizer in NYC who loves kamen rider and I’m sure he would help me too.

Any thoughts, opinions or advice?

Post match vids, combos, strats etc. This will entice/open eyes to some ppl. Im curious.

BTW we did the same for Castlevania Judgment. And manage to held 8 monthly tourneys, with the last one with 21 players.

Sounds like a plan. Btw…how is Alucard in that game?

You’ve got your work cutout for you. It’s on a handheld AND on Wii, neither of which are very popular among FGC people.

You should try hitting up places where anime fans gather. These people are people who are willing to import games from Japan, and are willing to accept the additional costs that requires.

Also try hitting up local tournaments, conventions, comic book stores, etc. Ask people if they’re interested in playing a cool game you found.

You should allow other people to play the game and teach them how to play. Maybe even let two people play against each other. Bring setups with you. Hopefully get them hooked. If there’s a forum or some place online where they can gather you can perhaps send them the URL so you can keep talking to them after meeting them in person. Organize your own site or forum if necessary.

Get your own friends to play it. If you’re still in school run a tournament after school. If you’re in college hold open door weeklies in the dorm common room or something. Put up a sign that says “FIGHTING GAME TOURNAMENT: FREE ENTRY” or something.

It’s a massively uphill battle for all the reasons you’ve described. Be prepared to put in some SERIOUS legwork. Worst comes to worst play with your closest friends and be happy.

No online is your biggest hurdle.