Building a custom arcade stick

no this isnt a scrub thread about what is a sanwa and all that

im asking this question to all stick makers

what tools do you suggest for the job?

im current only with a sander and a jigsaw =\ and i need to start purchasing my own tools and im interested on what tools and brands i need/should get?
perferably cheaply priced and or an multitasking one.

(this applies to wood building only, not electrical)

all i know so far is i need a router.

suggestions and tips?

As far as soldering and electronics tools go, you could go pick up a 15-30 watt soldering iron in a kit from Radio Shack for just a few bucks. Then buy some electronics solder and some wire, with just about any 'ol set of wire strippers/clippers.

ah i didnt catch that im good on the soldering valpulus although i need some strippers/crimpers.
thanks anyways

dude i have a table saw
hit me up we can build some shit

can you hack pads?

i need a better wire stripper T_T

yeah table saw is definetely a good thing. straight cuts and it is fast. i used this too for my stick. without it, cutting wood become “work”.

good drilling tools are also a useful investment. cheap drill bits are no good.

I make my girlfriend build the cases, because she has access to a woodshop through school and she’s actually pretty damn good at that stuff. I, however, would remove my own thumb.

i take it she wears the pants in the relationship?

you don’t need a router. THere are other ways to mount sanwa parts without a router. I would suggest you not get one right away (they are nice tools though).

Get yourself a miterbox, a backsaw (for the miter box), some sandpaper and wood glue and you’re pretty much good to go.

The woodworking gene skips a generation. My dad is an excellent carpenter. Playing with wood is not one of my hobbies.

experience, the most recommended tool ever!! :lol:

btw I recommend getting sum small clamps,

I effed up a good piece of lexan coz I couldnt cut it straight…

clamp a ruler down on it and make those cuts!!!

sweet yea i wanted to start making sticks though possibly selling them
i can hack pads for you dood no sweat:wgrin:

what bits do you recommend?

good idea but thats alotta arm work…i’ve cut two pieces (for the stick im making) and it took 2 days…a table saw can do that in 15 minutes
imma layaway a table saw

also can i get suggestions on brands? like is ryobi crap? and shit like that
thanks alot for the info so far guys

Well, Ryobi works I suppose…but yeah it pretty much IS crap compared to the good brands. Good brands are DeWalt, Makita, Bosch. But they are also more expensive than Ryobi.

aww dude lets start this shit up then

pm me