Building a Custom Stick from the PCB up!

I have checked the essentials FAQ, but somethings are lacking. I will definitely use the Soldering facts when I get there, but I’m not even there yet!

I’d like to start making sticks, but where would I start getting a PS1 PCB? Are 3rd Party Controllers (MadCatz etc.) trust worthy for a PS1 PCB?

Is there any restriction to what materials I need to build the box? Can it be metal? can it be cardboard? I’d assume it can be anything as there really isn’t any ignition or electrical fire problems, but I’d hate to see my crotch on fire because I wanted to be edgy with a cardboard box for a stick :P.

Is there compatibility issues with the PS1 PCBs? Certain sticks/buttons that don’t work?

Thanks in advance for any help!

you should check the faq man… wait… it isnt april yet, is it?

Have you tried looking at all? Theres faqs and links all over the place.

Very good info here

Thanks for the links guys, but none of them answer:

Where to get a PS1 PCB (do cheap controllers have same response as sony non-DS controllers)
questions on compatibility

which is why I have made this thread

Best place to find the remotes are going to be on ebay. The ps1 DS’s are starting to be a pain to find.

It’s hard to tell which remote will give you compatibility issues as far as converters are concerned.

The two best converters out there are the Innovation/Total Control Plus converter for the dreamcast, and the Pelican ps2-ps3 adapter. These converters work with about 80-90% of the third party remotes that are available for consoles.

If I were to use a Ps1 DS, can I use any stick/button combination? Or are there certain sticks/switches that can only be wired to a ps1 ds pcb

You can use any stick/button combination that you like

flea market dude, they have a shitload of ps1 controllers,