Building a Dreamcast stick


Can I get a check list of what I’m going to need? The stick I have is TERRIBLE and I need to upgrade.


whatever you do don’'t use the official dreamcast controller pcb, the triggers lag.

look for a madcatz dc controller should be your best bet.


The Agetec pcb would be ideal if you can find somebody selling one, its tiny.


I have one or more agetec PCB’s for sale if needed. Send a pm if interested.


How would you go about soldering to it? I cut the wires real close to the white connectors. Would it still work if i remove them completely?


You can desolder the white connectors.
Then just solder wires to where the connectors were.


Question, would it be possible to have it alongside a MC Cthulhu?


run an mc cthulhu through a psx > dc converter
dunno if it would work but it would save lots of soldering time


If you want to.
The Agetec PCB is Common Ground.