Building a Joystick (Help!)

I’ve searched the internet and this forum, and I just can’t find the exact answers I’m looking for. I’m trying to build a joystick from an old wired 360 pad of mine.

#1. I obviously need wood, but what kind? What thickness?

#2. What kind of wires should I use? I read somewhere that it’s like 22 gauge solid and/or stranded wire or something. Is this right?

#3. Which glue should I use to keep said wires out of the way?

#4. Can I use the LS-32 Joystick with the LB-39 bubbletop?

#5. Can the 30mm Pushbuttons be used for both main buttons and secondary buttons (such as start, back, guide), or are those strictly 24mm?

#6. What’s the difference between all of the 30mm Pushbuttons? Such as the OBSF-30, OBSN-30, PS-14-GNC, etc.

#7. Aside from the Joystick and Pushbuttons, what other electronics do I need inside of my case (besides my 360 pad, of course)?

#8. Should I use the 6 button or 8 button layout? Do fighting games really use all 8 buttons on a 360 pad? @_@

#9. What else am I missing that I’ll need? (not work tools, just Joystick related things).

Thanks ahead of time!

#1: Refer to slagcoin

#2: Any wires will work, probably somewhere between 20-26. It’s all preference.

#3: You can use hot glue or just any generate purpose glue.

#4: Yes, the balltops can fit on all the Japanese joysticks.

#5: Yes, any button can be used for any function

#6: OBSF are snap ins, OBSN are screw in’s. Might wanna look at pictures to determine the difference. Also, Sanwa and Seimitsu have different feels.

#7: Refer to Slagcoin

#8: Preference, although most fighting games do not need more than 6.

#9: Don’t forget about the quick disconnects

What do the quick disconnects do? I haven’t looked at slagcoin yet. Is that also covered in there? Thanks for the help so far!

They’re just slotted connecters that you solder onto the ends of the wires. They connect to the leads on the buttons, so you don’t have to solder to them.

read slagcoin before asking more questions please.

Looked through, very helpful!

I’m curious about this:

In the bottom left, he’s using a terminal strip for the signals, right? (red wires)
And in the middle, what’s he using? Is it a different type of terminal strip or something different? Also, is he using it for the ground? (black wires)

EDIT: What I mean is, can I use a separate terminal (or whatever) for just the ground wire itself. Feed the ground wire in once on the end, and have it split multiple times going up it?

Yes, that’s a terminal strip (aka screw terminals) on the left. Conducts a wire to the the wire the opposite side, but not to the ones adjacent to it.

In the middle, it’s connecting all the attached wires together. The black wires - yes, they are the grounds - are connected and that’s fine, because the board he’s using is common ground. Most builders don’t use this setup and instead just connect the grounds on the buttons to each other and the board like this.

And before you ask, the things below the stick and above the board (in the photo you linked) are butt connectors - basically just wire extensions.

that little strip in the middle is a ground bar, not needed as you can do a daisy chain setup like shown in drake’s pic. much more neater that way.

either one works though

Does it matter which ground I use from the PCB? Can I use any one of the grounds from the PCB and just daisy chain it?

assuming you’re using a pcb w/ common ground, you can use any

I have this controller.

with that controller then you yes any ground should be fine with a daisy chain. Be sure to not use solid core wire on that pad. And once you have soldered the connections hot glue the wires to the PCB, but not directly over where you do any soldering. You want to avoid ripping out the contacts. For that reason alone makes this PCB more difficult to hack.

Anyone know where to find quality hi-res artwork to use on joysticks? General images, game images, etc