Building a LED lit arcade controller, where can i draw power from?


hey there,
i am building a new arcade controller and this time around i am going to have an acrylic control panel and have 2 sets of LEDs in, one set will be connected to the rumble motor leads on the PCB (basing it off of an xbox360 controller), these will light up instead of vibration…
the other set, well i want those to be always on when i just connect my controller, but i don’t know where to draw power for those exactly, should i just connect them directly to the 5v and the gnd leads? or will that affect the current in the rest of the board?
thanks in advance…




5v and GND from USB


thanks, i thought that too (it’s pretty obvious when i think about it :stuck_out_tongue: ) …i just wanted to know if it will affect the current in the board or if there is a special way to wire it that’s all :smiley: