Building a legend for Evo 2k7! New Back to back Cab!

First off I want to thank Sabre so much for helping me today. With out him there I wouldn’t have finished in one day.

Another big thank you to goleafsgoaz. He is a new seller for Jap parts and he is in the US, Arizona to be exact and only 5 miles from me. If you need any thing at all go to his thread. He will have Sanwa’s available soon as well.

The cabinet has 3 pannels for each side. There will be jap and american sticks swapable on each side. And one dedicated pannel for Xbox 360 on each side. The cab will be wired fro Xbox/PS2/Xbox360/SuperGun I may add Dreamcast as well so we can play some bomb ass shooters!

I will be purchasing two 25" S-Video TV’s for it as well. And at EVO it will have a BIG SCREEN TV near it so that spectators can watch all the madness.

–sorry for the black and white. I didn’t realize it till we were done working for the day–

We started at 830am and didn’t finish till almost 7pm. Here are some of the pic’s i took today.

This was taken right after we finished cutting out all four sides and the top’s and bottom’s. That is SaBrE in this and all pics.

We attached the sides to the top/bottom

Here are a few after we nailed on the fronts and the bottoms of the controller box.

After many hours of farting and Sabre complaing about my farting here is Sabre doing the finish sanding after routing all the edges.

And the finished product

Check out my EVO 2k7 thread. I will be taking this with my cab from 2k5 to EVO.


Pic of it with the pannel out.

Here you can see how the pannel attaches. On the left side it has a lower ledge that slides under the left side of the cab. On the right will be a lock.

This is just s color front pic.

On a side note. Tonight i made a controller out a cigar box. Sabre gave me the idea a week ago or so. Here it is.


awesome, hey was that sabre on the mic for your youtube tests? He was sounding arabic (i can speak it too)

Nope that was Joe “Dont call me Zazza” he moved here from England but he is orgionaly from Iraq. I have some more DVD’s of us playing with him commenting all in arabic.

I have no idea what he is saying but he sounded funny as fuck.

Subscribe to my YouTube and I will get them up soon.

Looks great so far Neil, can’t wait to check it out next week in person. Thanks for mentioning us!

Great job Ciggy. I’ll see you at Evo.

-Tha Hindu

well i know what you look like now, i’ll find you when i go to evo and talk to the “joe” in arabic. What is your youtube thing? i’m already laughing thinking about the things he might say in arabic.

CigarGod Indeed,That is a peace of art good job to Neil and Scott

Im sure with this EVO is going to be so much fun for ST players

Well done Neil your the man…

OH man, EVO just keeps getting better and better. WHY is it in August. I wish it was earlier already. :sad:

I can’t wait to see the finished product.

CigarBob is too good.

Long Live CigarGod!!

Thanks to every body for their support. I am very proud of it and I cant wait for the first game of ST on it.


First page updated with new pics.

the b&w makes it look dramatic

but dammmm that cab looks sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet

Am I the only one who sees a glorified TV-stand? Sure, your level of craftsmanship is great, but to me it ain’t an arcade cabinet unless there are real arcade monitors and they have been integrated as part of the construction. (Bet someone’s gonna neg-rep me for this but what the hell…)

You are absolutly right. It is a glorified TV stand.

But i have never seen an TV stand that can switch pannels between jap and american standards and that is going to be wired for DC/PS2/Xbox/Xbox360/SuperGun.

But down deep it is just a TV stand. Well two TV stands.

P.S. I hope nobody negreps you.

that cigar box stick is niiiice.
all little :slight_smile:

God has brought us a gift for 2k7.

cant wait to see it !

:tup: :tup:

licking my lips right now :pray: