Building a modded TE for a Pro SF Player - Build Report


Just thought I’d share my TE stick mod for a local SF legend here in Austin, TX.

I have been tasked with modding a TE 360 stick so that it can do 360,PS3, and PS2. I’ll be using a 360 TE stick, an MC Cthulhu, and ethercon connectors for PS2. All wiring is done through the top side, and wires are tapped where it will look cleanest. In addition, the player has requested a switch instead of an imp board for the USB selection. No 4th row buttons, custom art, plexi, and side painting for this stick. Color matched wire for the buttons when coming to the Cthulhu.

Toodles, Please chime in on what you think of this build if you can; maybe future improvements on my assembly?

If you have questions about the build, please ask in this post. PM if you want me to build you one of these sticks.

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EDIT: Ethercon wiring will be posted later this week. I just finished wiring the PS2 part up today.

An overhead look at the organization of the stick wiring.
The MC Cthulhu Mounted and wired. Noticed the tapped contacts coming from the top of the guide/turbo PCB. That’s where I got Power, ground, and Guide to go to the Cthulhu.
A view of my wire routing around the stick’s chassis.
Another view of the Wiring.