Building a pc for sfv. monitor advice

i wan’t a big screen with no input lag. any recommendations?

Check out or other monitor/TV review sites for screens in your size range and show how much input lag they have.


I’m such a lucky cunt. Just bought a cheap-ass monitor from Staples, took the one they had in the window for show so I got it even cheaper, and it turns out it is in the top 10 in terms of lowest display lag. :smiley:

Top 10 based on what list?

What the model and brand? Just saying you got a cheap-ass monitor that is in the top 10 for monitors in terms of display lag means nothing without the details.

I wouldn’t say top 10 but often the cheaper HD monitors and HD TVs can out perform more expensive HD Monitors and HD TVs in input lag.

The majority of HD Televisions are not design with gaming in mind, HDTVs are build with TV and Movie watching as a Primary concern and gaming is an after though.
That means the very expensive, very large HD TV built for beautiful cinema images are the worst for gaming as they often has the most image post processing.

I don’t know what the budget is, but I assume the Nvidia and G-sync monitors or AMD and FreeSync monitors is also the way to go.

That makes sense. I’m just trying to find a list of current monitors that do well with lag as I’m in the market.

Unless you’re playing in 4K or something you can just get the same 1080p monitor people will be getting for the PS4 version.

@Tensho already said it, try and look at there site.
The only thing the website is lacking is maybe the newest models of HDTVs and Monitors.

I would not even bother with a 4K HD display right now (unless its a broadcast quality commercial grade display), Most 4K TVs are larger screen units (40/50" and up), its the TVs 34" and Smaller that perform better.
Also there are really devices or media that really support 4k. There is a handfull of PC games and that only on Higher end Desktops with multiple video cards in SLI or Crossfire configuration and a Higher end CPU with 6 or more Cores.

For a Gaming PC, unless you are really, really hurting for space I would not use a Television as your PC Display.

Right the NEW EVO Monitor is made by BENQ . Yes the BenQ RL2460HT took over the role from ASUS VH236H as Evo’s new monitor of choice. Its brand spaking new so does not yet have stats for it yet.

A Cheaper option is the BenQ RL2455HM GamingMonitor, I have this monitor and it works great and its in’s top 5
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Displaylag Reveiw -

Buy a Sony 2014 or 2015 Bravia TV W8/W7 model. Large as 55" and hardly any lag.
Best TV for gaming.

The 2013 models are actually better performance in terms of display lag with the AVG of 17ms vs the 2015’s 36ms.
The new models are “Great” but they are far, far, far from the best. The 2014 and 2015 models are terrible compared to their 2013 models.

The two Benq monitors I suggested has a avg of 10ms of display lag

That kinda sucks, I liked the idea of the evo monitor’s model # being a QCF in numbers.

Well the Asus VH236H is very dated with many monitors now perform better than it does, and BenQ willing to Sponsor Evo for 2015, it even have Justin Wong help in it’s development.
You know the QCF thing is Coincidence, the Asus monitor existed before Asus sponsored Evo and gave evo their entire stock of monitors. and the Asus VH236H was just a genetic plain vanilla monitor that happens to be good for gaming while the newer BenQ monitors are built with gaming in mind. The New Evo monitor even has a “Fighting Mode” and a HDMI OUT for video streaming, so there no added lag from any HDMI splinters and capture cards.

What does “fighting mode” do?

HDMI splitters don’t really lag though, splitters and switches in general. That’s common knowledge.

Quote from the Amazon page

That can be debated.

Debate it, I’m always game to learn more about this stuff.

But it was here on SRK where I was assured multiple times that powered things were A-OK and not a worry to anyone.

Well think of it like this then, you might need a splitter less for your set up as you are getting the feed directly from their monitor.

Oh of course, that’s really convenient.

I’m surprised nobody addressed this yet. But the answer is not really. All both do is dynamically change the refresh rate of the monitor depending on the scene. More static scenes will result in lower refresh rates which may actually result in more lag.

On top of that, G-Sync introduces a 2% performance hit.