Building a ps3 arcade fighting stick


Hi people

I am not only new around here but as well with fighting games however I want to build my own arcade stick, not using a d-pad controller as I have seen many tutorials like that. I want it for my ps3, gathering the pieces you will see in a regular arcade stick. I do not really know what pieces I may need or which of those will be compatible with other parts.
So, if you could tell me what parts I will need I will really appreciate it, by having the pieces I will figure out how to put them together but that is the thing I do not know what parts I need however I want the best pieces I can get. Before hand thanks.

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thanks you very much, this is kind of what I was looking for.


That post is really good, it help me to decide what parts to get, however I am still missing something here, where do I find the 9mm size home,start, select and turbo buttons? and how do I connect those to the console to work as they are supposed to work?


We traditionally use the smaller 24 mm buttons for start, select and home. That is the size button for those types of functions on a Japanese arcade panel.


Thank you, now, can someone tell me how do I build a new arcade stick that has home, select, start and turbo functions? I just figured out how to build all the rest, where the wires go, how to put the buttons in, the stick and everything, however, how to add to it these functions, it still eludes me. My hori stick has (what it looks like to) a secondary pcb that controls the home etc functions. Any enlightment on this will be highly appreciated.


Use a zero delay encoder, it’s one of the few that supports turbo (since you want that).


Thank you very much for the recommendation, by any chance do you have a link I can check? Before hand thank you.


I want to build an arcade fighting stick that have the regular 8 buttons plus the select, start, home (ps3 if possible) and turbo buttons. Please, if any of you have any suggestions feel free and thank you before hand.


Other good options include the mc cthulhu (which also supports several older systems with some soldering), the cerberus, and the ps360 (which also supports 360 and a few older systems). None of those offer turbo, for the record.


Thank you very President, you helped me find the piece I was missing to get this done.