Building a Stainless Custom Case


Hello all!

I decided that I wanted to try my hand at building my own fightstick but I’ve been looking on both Google and searching this forum and either I’m using the wrong search terms or all of the knowledge is buried elsewhere. So forgive me please if the information was handing and I missed it…I really did try looking.

What I want to do is build my own custom case that will have a stainless exterior or possibly just a top (I’ll decide when I figure out the final weight but I really want to do a full case). What I need is a good reference point of where to start. Case and button dimensions, mounting bracket needs, other things I need to account for and issues that people have ran into while building their sticks. I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do and the parts I want to use but I simply need a starting point.

Also, does anybody have a good idea on what I could use for the inside of the case? Obviously I can’t easily mount the internals to metal so what material would be best to use for the interior? I assume a good quality wood but there may be something else better that you guys are aware of.

Difficulty is not an issue and neither is cost. I’m doing this as a project for fun and I am not in a hurry so if you have any ideas to add be my guest.

My design, at least right now, is a stainless case (or top) that uses clear buttons with LED’s and a professional etched exterior image. I love stainless and I think getting an image etched into the top would look insane.

Below is an example of a stainless etching but obviously the image would be different.

Thanks all!


I kept searching and I did find a site that looks like it may have a lot of the information I want.

If there are any other similar sites/tutorials or anything like that please post them or if you have any other opinions or tips to pass along I’d be greatly appreciative.


Slagcoin is the basic start point. As for the size and layout, I just set my hands where they felt comfortable on a couple of pieces of paper and marked those spots as a start point. Mounting shouldn’t be an issue, just take a stainless bolt and weld it to the inside. If that isn’t possible then I guess you may be stuck with a wood bottom. That stainless top will look awesome with the art etched in though. Good luck, get back if you need any other tips/advice.