Building a stand for the TE stick

Im considering doing this… i want it to be cheap and simple, with the option to raise and lower it (if im sitting in a chair lower it, if i wanna stand then raise it)… maybe some sorta laptop stand that has height adjustment…(also create some sort of box like enclosure so the te stick doesnt shift around) if anyone has done this already or is considering this, share your ideas.

I don’t think you need a box-like containment to keep it from moving because the TE is heavy as all hell and doesn’t really move at all.

Wouldn’t building a retracting table be a bit of a bitch? You should probably just buy a small table that you can change the height of.

yes a laptop stand of such im not going to build it myself lol… no way.

Here’s the easiest stand possible: Put the TE stick in the foams it comes in, only upside down so you get more height out of it. Then put the TE Stick + foams on top of the box the TE stick came in. Instant stand.

You could also think about getting a music stand. Not the cheap ones but the big black ones. If I remember correctly it will run you maybe 40 bucks.

lol I was reading your post and following along as if it was going to turn out to be something actually useful.

ya thats whati was thinking off… the stand where you put notes on

get yourself one of these at ikea