Building a Stickless Arcade Stick


Hi SRK, newbie here. I’ve been scouring around and have come up with various threads all of which seem to confuse me. I want to build my own arcade stick into a standard aluminum enclosure, thing is, i don’t want an arcade stick, i want to use a WASD button configuration. I have some electronics experience and am fully capable of making my own guitar related circuits so the soldering and such wont be a problem. What are the things i need besides buttons obviously.

in short:
-need a schematic
-need a parts list excluding 10+ buttons
-need guidance



Your search is a little weak… Start by looking at these two things:

Electronically arcade buttons buttons and sticks work the same way (Arcade sticks are just buttons and a lever.)


so basically i need a PCB with the components on it, wondering if i can use an old keyboard, seems like it should work although the wiring could be difficult


You mean for the buttons? There’s a PS2 keyboard reading library for Arduinos out there.


i want to use arcade buttons like in arcade sticks, but re arrange them in a keyboard manner but with only buttons for WASD and 8 buttons for hits
i have a usb keyboard pcb i just salvaged from the keyboard, wondering if i could use that (probably could, just need to figure out what to solder to what)


Probably not, it would specifically need to support a good amount of key-rollover, and it won’t do SOCD filtering on its own. Pony up the $35 for a Cthulhu.


Step 1) Go to Godlike Controls. Grab a PC/PS3 Cthulhu, and if you want to make it easy for yourself, a chained wiring harness (will cover wiring for 12 buttons, IIRC). Also grab a USB cable.
Step 2) Build everything. Wiring is as simple as running one wire for ground (the daisy chain) to one terminal on each button, then one from the appropriate signal on the board to each unused terminal.
Step 3) You now have a working stickless stick.
Step 4) ???
Step 5) Profit.


This stick belongs to Toastedsub on here. recently did some work on it to update it. 100% sure its a Finkle case. Its probably close to what you want done I imagine.


Keyboard PCBs are, for the most part, horrible for fighting games. A good number of them have limits on the number of simultaneous buttons/keys you can press at the same time.


Yeah, the only keyboards that have good PCBs are the expensive type that you wouldn’t want to sacrifice.


duly noted guys, thanks for the help, i’ll be ordering a pcb from godlike when i get my next paycheck


Does Cthulhu SOCD clean?


Only ChImp SMD with Firmware flash and Multi-Console Cthulhu with Firmware flash for SOCD Clean.
Only the Cthulhu made for Hit Box has SOCD Clean.

Toodles cannot sell Hit Box Cthulhu to others.
Normal Cthulhu can be bought from Toodles, but no SOCD Clean.


Aha, thanks JDM, I was mistaken.




info here.

So JDM, you are saying that MCC’s and Chimp SMD can get SOCD cleaning? The ps3 only Cthulhu being exclusive to hit boxes and not being able to be upgraded, correct.


Thats to bad. ;(. There is a new product idea for someone then. FGC needs a PCB that is PS3 and Xbox360 compatible and SOCD cleaned. I would be all over that. At a bare minimum Xbox360 PCB that is SOCD cleaned. My projects have too many PCBs all over the place. I like my work nice and clean. One of you super moders out there hook us stick less users up please. We need some love to.


I sure any common ground PCB can be cleaned.


ChImp SMD and Multi-Console Cthulhu already have Firmware available for SOCD Clean.
Just have to download from Toodles and flash.

There are two PlayStation 3-only Cthulhu.
One you can buy and one only Hit Box has.

Because Hit Box asked Toodles to make them SOCD Cleaned Cthulhu, only the can have.
Toodles will not sell or flash the SOCD Clean Firmware for other Cthulhu.

Cthulhu is not able to be flashed by End User.
So to get SOCD Fix, would have to upgrade to Multi-Console Cthulhu.
Also, SOCD Cleaner from Toodles can be used too, if you want to go there instead.


i was asking specifically about toodles products. Aware of common ground mod possibility.