Building a virtual-on / cyber sled stick where to buy Sanwa JLJ-PL2-8V sticks

Does anyone know of a place prefferebly in the us that sells Sanwa JLJ-PL2-8V trigger sticks. I cant seem to find them anywhere.

never mind I found some



i want to build me OT stick

Its lot cheaper if u guys bought Sega Saturn twin Stick. U will have both controller and case to mod with it.

One place i know is here on this link and they go fro 100 euro money.

If I could find a twin stick to buy I would. It would be alot cheaper. What I would really like is one of the hori ones made for the 360. They were $300 which seems high but If you figure the cost of the sticks its really not that bad, but I cant find any of those for sale either. If anyone knows of any please let me know.

I would love to get the hori one as well, especially since Virtual On is 800 points this week on XBox Live :smiley:

Cheaper solution would be to grab a couple of those old NES trigger sticks and mod it, though it would take quite a bit of soldering know-how.