Building a Youtube Thoughts and Stuff


Hello I am Super Bancho Pangoro
I’m really giving youtube a chance would like some help/thoughts
of people who are either successful and or the same boat as me and maybe we can all gain something.
My youtube is about Anime,Fighting games both Classic and Pokemon.
How should I set up my content in way people would enjoy watching?
How can I fight subs?
Why kind of approach should I take in introducing news?
Thanks for your input.


Give me 25% of your profit and I will tell you all you need to know.


Do the exact opposide of SWBeta’s streams.



How do you build a large and loyal fanbase? You have the most know-how of anyone here.


@SWBeta should be able to help.


Lol I have to get profit first. Yes How do you build an Loyal Fanbase seems the most difficult part.


First off change that avatar and wear a gorilla one. Since everyone telling you to ask beta for advice. He ll warm up to you faster like that…


All these Beta jokes.



The quickest and easiest way:

Get a female in the video who will wear a low cut shirt and a push up bra.


I have built two Youtubes and can confirm that it is a very difficult process. My first one fell over and sank into a swamp. :sad: But dont dispair, though. Build your Youtube with pride and people will eventually see that pride and the quality work being done and they will keep coming to your Youtube.

I wish you the best in your endeavor.


  1. Hire a girl with big tits
  2. Buy a teleprompter reader
  3. shirts that can see girl’s cleavage


You fucks over here giving away trade secrets in shit.


This guy they are talking about streams
The videogames

But he never streams DOOM 1 or 2
Those are the games you must play
to be very popular as many on SRK got popular
playing those games a very lot of the time, yes my friend

“KAWAII games you can beat? DOOM II in the streets!!”


I just make really lame shit in sharefactory on my PlayStation. You’ll go far like that kiddo


Fuck Youtube; classified ads is where it’s at nigga!

I tried that program and it earned me $69,000+!! Call now!


Making top ten lists with common knowledge trivia seems to be an effective way to get big fast. Maybe you could give fake reactions to video game trailers.


If you’re just doing gameplay commentary:You get on, do your thing and that’s it.
It’s 10% gaming, 90% your voice. Being good means almost nothing unless you’re a speedrunner. Be fun, be conversational, learn to talk to yourself.

If you’re doing something scripted, edit it very well and make it enjoyable while still getting your point across and take any feedback you get on youtube.


I’m thinking about trying my luck at this as well. Plan on ordering my equipment today. Gonna write up ideas for how I want to go about my channel and what content I’ll put out.


Has anyone mentioned big tits.

  1. Have tits on display
  2. Punch yourself in the nuts then over-react to everything
  3. Have a complete absence of gorillas

Bonus round) If for some reason the youtube money isn’t flowing in by now, set up a patreon, find a negative comment on your video (or make some with alt accounts) and beg for money because you being harassed.

Think that covers all bases, that’ll be 15% of the revenue the channel/patreon produces thanks.