Building an airplane simulator arcade stick

My uncle bought the ace combat 6 flightstick bundle and I thought it would be pretty cool to build my own flightstick. So I take a look at the happ website and find something that might be nice and then i see the price . Umm seriously? Thats a little too much money for me. Has anyone completed a project like this, or maybe a custom twin joystick for virtual on? Sharing some pics, tips and prices would be very helpful. Thanx.

wont 200 dollars already you a pretty good flight stick with a throttle and everything…

i think you really have to be really dedicated to drop 200 bucks on just the joystick alone

Saitek has new shit coming out soon. Get hype for it.

X65. :smiley:

If you use the search function you will find my Virtual on sticks.

In the case of Ace combat it might just be cheaper to buy the bundle.

That saitek is sooooo pretty but from what i can gather on google an ~$800 price tag is way too rich for my blood lol im trying to save money here.

I just got a look at your Quick shot virtual on stick and I must say it looks awesome man. And I am beyond jealous of ur stick collection.

You might try looking for that happ stick from other resellers. Happ has bad pricing sometimes.