Building an arcade stick - questions

So I want to build an xbox 360 arcade stick, japanese style with sanwa parts.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a good easy to follow guide?

Also, which sanwa stick is best? It seems like their are so many different versions!

Is an octagonal plate commonly used?

Thanks in advance.

im following this site

Go to the link the guy above me posted for how to.

The many different sticks they have are just many slight variations of the same thing. For example there are at least 7 different variations of the JLF stick, but they are all JLF’s. It’s the same stick but with different mounting plates and PCB orientations. With that being said the JLF series is considered the best, and at present is almost impossible to find. Which one you get is up to you. The main difference is the mounting plate. Get whichever one has the kind of plate that you want to install.

Octagonal gates are fairly common, but the square is the standard and the most common.

Thanks for the advice.

Is there a particular JLF mounting plate that is most easily and commonly used?

I would guess that the flat mounting plate is the most common. Not really sure though.

This page explains the differences between all of the JLF models.

JLF sticks are the best, there’s no denying that fact, but when it comes to hooking one up to a 360, there is another stick available you could use depending what pad you are using.

If you are using a common ground Madcatz wired controller or official M$ wireless controller, the JLF is the easiest to hookup.

If you are using an official M$ wired controller, they don’t have a common ground setup in which case you will have to hook up two wires to each direction on the stick. In that case a JLW stick might be a better option for you as it doesn’t have a board attached to the stick, you hook up your wires directly to the micro switches. You could also use this stick with a common ground controller, you just have to daisy chain the grounds, that’s all.

The JLW does feel different to the JLF’s though, it’s more stiffer and tighter IMO, which may or may not be a good thing for you, but it is another option.

As for mounting plates, the default one is the flat metal plate. You could use any of the others, depending on your case design.