Building an Arcade stick, what will I need?


A few weeks ago, my friend and I went to an arcade that has Street Fighter 2. We played for probably 3 hours, then went to gamestop and bought Street Fighter 4. e heade to his house and played it for an even longer amount of time (One that I’m a bi embarassed to say) We both found that the controller didn’t feel as good as an arcade stick. Among my group of friends, I’m kind of the guy who builds stuff like ths, so he asked me to build one for him. So, I’m coming you guys to ask what I will need to build a fully functioning arcade stick. I already know I’ll be using a TEK case, PS360+, buttosn and a joystick, but I’m not sure what else I’ll need. Thanks for the help.


[]Soldering iron & equipment (not necessary, but buy anyway – cheap!)
]Nice wire – 22/24awg in multiple colors.
[]Wire strippers (cheap!)
]Quick disconnects – .110" (2.8mm) spade terminals on eBay, or from arcade e-stores. Lots.
[]Crimper for QDs.
]$1-for-100 cable ties.
[]Superglue for pro wiring.
]Slagcoin’s site on speed dial:
[]Tech Talk on speed dial:


order the tek case NOW. I ordered all my parts and the case, and I’ve been waiting for the case and just looking at the parts. Order them now, and you’ll have plenty of time to figure out the rest of the parts…


here’s what I ordered from, I highly recommend them because they have almost everything I needed:

5x **Sanwa OBSC 24mm **(3 for home/start/select, 2 for buttons on the side for pinball)
8x Seimitsu PS14 KN 30mm (main buttons, a lot of people suggest only using 6, but I want 8 for MK etc)
10 Connection .110" Ground Daisy Chain Wire
3 Connection .110" Ground Daisy Chain Wire (just incase, was cheap)
12 inch RJ45/Cat6 Ethernet Cable - Black (connecting Imp v2 to a Neutrik RJ45 adapter thing)
**13 Foot Black USB to RJ45 Cable ** (for connecting the stick to the console)
16pc Wire with .110 Quick Disconnect (these also have nylon sleeve things on them)
Neutrik NE8FDP RJ45 Feed-Through
**RJ45 Jack PCB Mount **(this goes onto the Imp v2 PCB, optional, but I prefer it)
Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Joystick (with an Octagonal and Circle restrictor gate)
**Seimitsu LB-39 Bubbletop **(because the Joystick didn’t come with one)
Toodles Cthulhu Multi-Console PCB (only PCB that supports PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox1, PC, and pretty much every other console)
**Toodles Imp V2 Dual Control PCB **(works with Cthulhu to determine if you’re using a 360, I believe)

Optional stuff I also ordered:

15-20 .110" Quick Connector (didn’t really need them, they came on the wires I ordered, but nice to have them anyway)
15-20 Nylon .110" Quick Connector Insulation Sleeve (didn’t need, etc, same as the QD)
**5-10 feet of Braided Sleeving **(for cord management, from
**2 feet of Heat Shrink **(to make the sleeving look nice)
**Xbox360 Fighpad **(for the PCB, it’s probably the easiest 360 PCB to mod)

If you only plan on playing on one system, it’ll be much cheaper to just buy a Arcade Stick for that console, and you’ll probably be able to switch out the parts. But Like I said, if you want to use a Tek Case, order NOW, and you’ll have plenty of time to gather parts and knowledge.


I think that’s what I’ll end up doing. I’ll probably just buy a brawlstick or something, put in some sanwa buttons and a joystick, take off the artwork and tell my friend I built it. Heh. Put, I’ll keep this thread bookmarked because I do like to build stuff and I’ll probably come back to this to actually build one. Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s my first stick… All together it’s going to be about 400 bucks for a multi console build with a tek case. hehe