Building an efficiant team

ive been playing marvel for about a year now, and the only thing i cant seem to understand is how characters can efficiantly help each other to form a team. what makes common teams lke msp so good besides the fact the all the chars are good individually. i mean cant magneto just as fast as psylock can come out??? i use 60% percent of the characters regularly in semi-random teams, which i know is kind of useless. so where do i start?

team dynamics.

how well they work together. psylocke can be threatening by herself, but she’s not a solid character, at least by comparison to the gods and top tier.

for example…


the order is very important. reason being: magneto can easily DHC into hailstorm from tempest. sinc eyou can mash out of hypergrav, it’s important that you can have guaranteed damage somehow, so you have the hailstorm. psylocke directly helps magneto get the infinite off, and storm can get easy air combos when being rushed.also, it’s easy to DHC from storm to either psylocke or magneto. psylocke isn’t in the middle, because storm / psylocke is more effective than psylocke / storm.

yeah thats pretty simple enough, i just felt like there might be way more to it i guess.

Here’s a team I play, and here’s why I play it in the formation I use:

Mag (projectile) Sent (ground) Cyke (AA)

q: Why is mag out first?

a: To run around building meter and killing whatever he can before sent comes in.

q:Why is sent on ground and not projectile?

a:So mag can rush easier. Plus cyke can work with it pretty well if he ever gets snapped in. Sent projectile does nothing for cyke IMO.

q: why is cyke on AAA and in third?

a: Both mags and sent can use this assist really well. It’s generally a good idea to put the best meter builder in first and putting the best meter user in second. Ontop of that, sent with cyke assist is better than cyke with sent assist. Oh, and the HSF is possible the safest dhc in the game.

q: so why is mag on projectile?

a: sent is great with it.

You can’t be serious?

argh, please, for the love of god, don’t disagree with me without explaining why. it annoys the crap out of me. If you think I’m wrong tell me why and I’ll listen. I see myself as still having alot to learn about this game, so help me out.

storm’s hailstorm is the safest dhc espcially when blocked. there is enough time to escape a dhc or to even punish sent when blocked. But HSF is good still

for team building u can try

battery/battery/assist (m/s/p)

battery/user of the battery/assist (duc)

god/god/god (mss, ssc)

as u can see, the better characters have mulitple functions and fit on teams nicely.

sent on ground assist can be a 3rd character on almost any team, but he can also be first character on many teams etc.

It annoys the crap out of you? Why should I give a damn? If you want an explanation, try asking nicely for one.

Is it really that serious? I mean, dude, think about what you’re saying.

“I think this.”

“Are you serious?”

“…well uh, instead of saying something unconstructive and meaningless, why don’t you explain? that’s kind of annoying.”

“Why don’t you ask nicely?”

  1. I don’t care THAT much.

  2. Well, dude, this is a DISCUSSION board. Excuse me if I figured it should be common sense to DISCUSS something. I never ASKED you to make the initial post, but that clearly can’t and didn’t stop you from posting it. so why exactly should I ask ) now? I’m not the type to play chilish peity games, so just forget I said anything to you.

dhc wrongly to hsf, and sentinel dies.

hailstorm is the safest DHC.

HSF can be guard cancelled while on the ground, and if they’re int he air, it’s too risky.

That mean I need to start playing people who gaurd cancel.

just thinking about it…

SOB, Hailstorm, Proton Canon, Oroborous, and photon array are probably the safest in the game.

how come you rank proton canon so high, if it hits, its just like HSF, if its blocked, its worse.

one thing i noticed about HSF is say u miss with the first set of drones but u hit and combo with the 2nd, the opponent can still recover in time to block the thrid set, its like the hit stun is the most on the first set

it’s instant. if they’re not holding back when you do it, they can’t block it.

you just have to do it safe.

cajun explosion is also very safe IMO

If done right, Soul Eraser can be like a ghetto baby PC.

AFAIK DHC into PC is 1 frame.

When building a good team, you wanna look for these main elements

  • DHCs
  • atleast one anti air that covers the screen good for flying sents, jumping blackhearts, flying dooms, etc
  • good assists that help out the character on point a lot (rushing, air comboing, help setup for infinite, etc)

those are just the basics

not at point blank. i shoulda been more specific… but for example, if you jump in front of my dhalsim when i do his yoga strike super, and i DHC into proton canon, you can’t do shit except eat it like a man, unless you were already holding back.

i haven’t tried it in a while, but i think what becomes unblockable is the canon itself, and not the beam. i think if you’re in range of the canon, it appears and you can’t block the canon coming in. i forget though, since it’s been a few years since i played with it. i suck with irnoman, so i don’t even bother with that stuff anymore.

yeah what he said.
and it would help if you pick someone who can build meter well, but only if that character (or another character) can use the meter right.