Building Consistency


I’m not new to fighting games, I’ve been playing a long time, but one thing I’ve never been able to develop is consistency. There will be weeks where I’m punishing everything, pushing opponents that are way above my level, and handing players that aren’t on my level loss after loss.

And then there are the other times when those players who aren’t really on my level are beating me with simple stuff that I can see coming but for some reason can’t defeat. This has happened across several different games but I never really thought about it much until I started playing Samurai Shodown V Special and going to tournaments.

What are some ways to develop more consistency in terms of playing? I really need help on this front.


It might be because you’re going in an auto pilot mind state. I catch myself sometimes zoning out in a fight and I have to sort of snap back into giving the game my full attention to stop getting bodied. If you’re really paying attention, the better player’s going to win. However, it might also be the pressure of the fight that keeps you from doing things that are obvious to you, or not executing things correctly. But that’s something that should go away with time, if that’s the case. So overall I’d say keep practicing, and really applying what you practice. If you really know your punishes and frame traps it’ll all become second nature.


Also, maybe just take some time in practice mode to refresh on some basics. As we get better it becomes easier to underestimate things like that. It’s like how when you rewatch a movie you notice things you didn’t before, and identify things that foreshadow later events. Practicing the basics again can help you realize things in the same way, like how simple things can improve aspects of your higher level skills.


Yeah you’re definitely right about going on autopilot sometimes, especially if I’m playing while I’m tired. I’ve been finding that warming up in training mode for a bit before I play anyone helps, but I definitely need to revisit some of my basics too. Thanks for the feedback mate!