Building custom Vewlix - control panel dimensions?


Basing my vewlix off of Donovans and Krays designs, while trying to get more of a look of Krays - i fear that i made my control panel too deep. It measures 17.25" from the back to the very front.

I’m using 2 modded Madcatz TE fight sticks, which are about 10" from front to back. I feel i should make the moves list shorter to about 6", basically shave off 1.5". What do you guys think? Anyone know what the dimensions are? Right now i placed my 27" monitor and it seems kinda far.



Decided to email Kray himself - and he was nice enough to inform me that his V4 Kraylix CP is actually 21.9" from back to front. Guess the extra viewing distance is perfect for 32" monitors. I’m still on the fence about shaving an inch and a half though :stuck_out_tongue:


i have a few questions about this as well. as i’ll be using the viewlix cab made by donovan but he didn’t provide any specifics on the cp. i made a sketch a few years back and never got a reply if my measurements were correct.