Building from a wooden box - looking for some advice/project thread


I’ve decided I want to start building out sticks from premade wooden boxes - seems like a good way to get results fast (I may also make one from a metal suitcase because why not?). I’m thinking Happ parts in an UMK3 layout because I already have a nice japanese stick I built out of a venom case and if I want to sell these down the road it seems like a good niche to be in. I have a couple of questions, though:

  1. What’s the best way to mount a stick to wood? I’ve seen a youtube video where a guy used metal threads he fit into the wood, but that looks a little tricky. Is there some kind of bracket I could screw directly to the wood? Carpentry isn’t my forte, but I’d like to learn.

  2. How thick is too thick to mount Happ parts in wood?

Hopefully I should have some WIP stuff to share in a week or two!

If you haven’t so already I would checkout Slag Coin
It’s a good resource for building your own stick, parts of it is out of date (mostly with individual consoles) but the case building have not changed.

How do you mount the joystick to wood is up to you, you can use wood inserts, wood screws or even drill though the material and bolt your joystick into place (and have the bolts appear on the top panel).
Some people go for a layered approach where there is a inner layer that the joystick is screwed or bolted too with a top layer hiding the offending screws or bolts.
There is no one right way to go about this.

As for the how thick to mount questions, I could never remember the actual figures but Slag coin will have those figures for what ever joystick you want to use.
As well as how much clearance you need under the top panel to make room for your joystick and buttons. Also include some space for your Printed Circuit board.

I hope that helps.


on my cases i use 1/4" mdf panels and just countersink the screw holes then cover with plexi / artwork. seems to be the perfect height for JLFs when combined with the mounting plates.