Building my first fight stick, SUCCESS!

Well, it all started with a dream lol. Nah I’m just kidding. Anyways, took a lot of work and research to get this project done and I must say that I had a blast doing it. Mainly cause I got it all right on the first try and didn’t have to scrap anything.

Started with cutting the wood, drilling some of the holes and then gluing it together to make the box:

Once it was glued, I cut the MDF board to fit, then stained it and put a polyurethane finish on it for the gloss:

Once that was done, I was able to put the plexi glass on top and make the holes for the buttons and joystick. Forgot to take a pic of what it looked like after making room for the stick:

Then off to my first soldering/wiring job ever:

And finally, the finished product:

It was a total blast putting this thing together. To anyone with some wood working skills and general common sense and the ability to follow instructions to a T, if you are having doubts about putting something like this together I say go for it!!

List of much deserved thank you’s:

rtdzign for your awesome guides and for taking the time to answer my numerous PM’s
Toodles for also taking the time out to answer my questions in PM’s and in threads
bafiaris13 for all your help, ideas and support

List of not so many thanks:

ecKsniNe for never answering a single PM or question, thank you. Much love

For a first build looks really clean…

Well done mate nice to see it finished :wink:

and dont worry about people not answering your pm’s, Ecks is a cool guy and helped me out before too…

now that you got the hang of it start building another one…


For sure. I already have plans for the second stick. Most likely going to do an LED light build with it. Not sure yet. For sure I want to either round off the edges or do the cuts like your Ryu stick. Thanks for all the input, your tips and advice came in really handy

pretty sick stick dude (no homo). what manga is the art from? Bleach?

yep. the Visoreds from bleach.

Nice sticks! Gotta couple questions on stick building…PM’d you

haaha there you go

now you ll be the one giving advices :smiley:

Yup, it’s from Bleach. When the Vaizards show up in fake Karakura town to fight Aizen

Hell yeah Bleach! lol

PMed ya back. Good luck

Yeah, may God be with those who decide to listen to me lol

Very nice hard to believe your a first time builder

Very smooth stick

Well done man. That wiring is pretty clean for a first time. My first wiring job that involved more than 1 pcb resembled an explosion in an itialian restaurant :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m looking forward to your next build.

Thank you!

Thanks. Took it to the shop where my friends hold tournaments and it worked flawlessly. I suck, but it works

Yeah, wish the wiring looked a little cleaner though, but not bad for my first stick. I have some ideas for the second one. Will most likely use the Paewang PCB as there is very little soldering to do with it. Hopefully, need to do some research, it’s a board that I can add LED’s to so I can make a light up stick.

It looks great. The pale stripe is a nice detail, what kind of wood have you used?

I used poplar for the middle part and red oak for the top and bottom. Only reason it came out dark like that is because I stained the top and bottom part. It was a pain and some of the stain sipped through the painter’s tape I put on. Most likely I’ll use maple next time as that wood is already darker and won’t need staining

About how much did the case alone cost to construct?

Wood was about $12, and the glue $5 lol. The MDF board and plexi depends on if you can find a small piece that’ll fit or if you need to buy a big piece and cut it down like I did. I spend maybe $50 on plexi and lexan but I have enough to make 8 more cases if I want to lol

nice work. you should make/sell customs.

I would, but haven’t been here 6 months yet. Nor do I think I have posted enough to be allowed to sell

Do you really have to be on here for 6 months to start selling stuff? Bleh for me I guess. I was hoping to be able to maybe talk about something I was planning on making in these forums and if anyone wanted to purchase go from there. Nice case btw.

Im going to make one in the coming week. Just im going with a slightly smaller approach. Eventually I will learn to build them using that Paewang PCB. It seems like its a pretty solid PCB with little soldering at all

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I read about the 6 month rule somewhere