Building my first fight stick, SUCCESS!

Check the trading outlet stickies for rules on selling.

Yeah I was right, 6 months and 50 posts before you can sell or trade

is that vizards from bleach? if so thats really cool

Yup, it’s from when they arrive in fake Karakura town to fight Aizen

Bringing this back from the dead lol. Is there a chip that I can add or swap to this stick in order for it to work on the PS4?

You got a few options, I am assuming you wan to keep support for all the retro systems intact.

There is are fightpads like the Hori Fighting Commander Pro 4 you can pad hack
There also 2 boards from Brooks, their standalone PS4 board and there new Universal Fighting board that supports PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

What I would do is get the Universal board to replace your Xbox 360 PCB and dual-mod that with your existing MC Cthulhu. You can even reuse your existing imp board, just substitute the Xbox 360 PCB for the Brook Univ PCB. You have a redundancy for the PS3 but you be able to cover almost every console out there.

You can find out about the universal fighting board here

Worth noting that the cthulhu works with the lab zero driver (currently used in sf5, usf4, skullgirls, and mkx). Not as convenient as native support, but it would save you some money and labor.

Brook converters are another easy option.

@Darksakul: it looks, at least from the pics in the thread you provided, I could go ahead and get rid of the MC Cthulhu as well as the Imp board. What would be the benefits to dual-mod the new Universal Board to my existing MC Cthulhu?

Older (non-usb) console support.

Then I can go straight to the new universal board. Now I’m debating whether to leave my stick as is and build a new one or upgrade the one I already have. Would like to add 2 more buttons to it but I don’t want them too close to the stick. Maybe 2 small ones would fit on the outside

You could probably recoup some of your expense by selling your old pcbs. I’m sure someone would be interested in the mc cthulhu if nothing else.

Well done, looks great, and I’m glad it worked out for you on the first attempt.

How would I go about hooking up my detachable wire to the new Universal board?

With a few exceptions everything is attached via screw terminals on the Universal board. There is a USB B jack on the board too.
You can also decide to solder down everything as well.

You will have to solder for the touch pad key button.

Does the board come with instructions showing where I can attach the cable?

Could I swap the RJ45 jack for a jack like this one and get an A to B usb cable?

I would actually need a B to B cable, $8 for a 6ft plus $4 shipping :angry:

That is the breaks

Thanks for all the info, I really appreciate it! Next I kinda want to build one that looks like the VLX, anyone got dimensions or better yet pics from one that they own?

I swear the above used to be like $160 shipped back in the day, I guess before the recent Hori repumpening of VLX’s to market, still at $194, it might be worth your while, vs. starting from scratch :plus_one:

I already have the wood, wire, soldering iron and all the tools I may need. Only real thing left to get is more plexi glass and the stick/buttons but the ones I want are out of stock currently

So my Hayabusa joystick just came in from Arcade Shock. Thing is, every time I see a review about this stick they always do an unboxing, which comes in a nice black box with stickers and such. Mine came in a plastic bag. It looks like the one in videos and pictures I have seen, but why did it not come in a box like others do and is there a way for me to tell I got a legit Hayabusa and not some kind of knock off? Just curious, not blaming or accusing anyone of anything. Just want to know why mine was packaged differently, that is all