Building my own arcade cabinet (using a xbox 360)

“codallenschmidt [is] using the hammer for decoration” what more do you need?

Because something that big to just be decoration on an arcade cabinet is really hard to picture. That’s all.

Maybe he’s going to use the Thor stone to hide the arcade from robbers, like Metal Gear Solid…Whatever you do, dont do it like this…

I agree the thing is just too massive to use as a decoration, i really dont see how it can be used for an arcade…You’re going to end up mutilating the Thor Hammer & having your arcade posted in

As a person who own 11 cabs, you should trust me in that you want something transportable & non bulky…

^^^^ That’s the greatest thing I ever saw!

I’d imagine you’d need a second explorer button, usually in Xbox360 games they make the second player have to log in to some guest account if you want to play online. It’d just be easier. Wouldn’t kill you to setup one extra button anyways. may prove to be better.