Building my own stick.


Hey guys.

Am looking to build my own stick over the summer, so am probably going to be picking up a wiring kit or something from this site.
I’m interested in what I’d need to get a stick that is compatible with PC and Xbox at the least.

Also, does anyone know where I can pick up a fightstick case in the UK or how easy it is to build my own from wood or something?



for you the Cthulhu would be your best bet.

Make sure you look though the Info thread, alot of links to guides and FAQs there.
Also check out

How easy to build a case from, wood depends on you carpentry skills


I pretty much have no skills in making anything from wood hahahaha.

It looks really difficult to get hold of a Cthulhu PCB, particularly in the UK. They seem sold out everywhere.
I might just give up on trying to get something that is compatible with Xbox 360 because of the whole licensing thing, unless I just choose to buy a Qanba 3-in-1 stick which I may end up doing if it proves too difficult to make my own. I ain’t gonna be playing on PS3 at all.


If you want 360 support (Dark likely took what you said as original Xbox), your best options are a PS360+ or a pad hack (brawl/fight pad is the easiest). PS360 is as easy as it gets to hook up.


making your own stick out of wood costs alot of money. i had to buy alot of power tools and experiment with a bunch of shapes and paints before i made a decent joystick. i’d recommend buying a manufactured stick and customizing it.


Unless you already have woodworking tools and skills, I highly recommend taking his advice. Other worthwhile options are buying an empty shell of a stick (trading outlet here is a great place for that), buying an Art’s Hobbies acrylic case, buying a Panzer from Jasen’s customs (more pricey, but I wish I had taken that route in the first place), or buying a suitable plastic bix (like this ) and drilling it out. Assuming you’re a Euro, it may be more worthwhile to find someone local who can build you a wooden case, shipping from the US will bloat the cost tremendously.


Looks real expensive to make my own… PCBs seem quite expensive if I want xbox compatibility, so I might just buy a Razer Atrox or something.


Yeah I was thinking OG Xbox


@gahrling might be able to help you out, if he doesn’t see this thread I’ll ask him tomorrow at our local tournament.

If not I can have a word with another guy I know who accidentally ended up with an extra PS360+ if you’re interested.


I’m all sold out of everything aside from ChImp SMD boards, IMPv2 pcbs, and other minor bits of modding paraphernalia :slight_smile: