Building My Own Stick

So I need advice on the stuff that I have chosen out.

Sanwa Joystick JLF: 25
Sanwa octa. Restricter Plate: 4.95
Sanwa OBSN-30(ones with screws, need 8): 24~
Plexiglass(2 pieces): 22.57(w/ shipping)
Soldering wire: 5.49
22gauge Hook up Wire: 6.59
12 Position European Style Terminal Strip: 3.29
Female Crimp-on: 3 for 30 connectors

About 90 dollars or so to build? This is without the wood though. I’m estimating around 120 dollars for the total project x_x". (There goes my TEIN springs)

I’m planning on having a wooden case with plexiglass covering the top and bottom of it.

Also, what sizes should I get for the female crimp-ons?

How’s that sound?

TEIN springs are garbage anyway.

Lmao, I’m not planning on doing anything big onto my 08 Honda Civic. Just lowering it, stick JDM window visors, and switch out the lights.

Anywho, what do you think of the stick set up?

You can’t go wrong with Sanwa parts. Looks like a pretty decent setup imo. What PCB do you plan on using?

An XBOX360 Wired Controller?