Building new Vewlix clone, need some advice on CP buttons


Hi all, it’s been a while since my last posting, been busy with other things in life…

Anyways, I built a stand-up cabinet around 10 years ago which was a good learning experience and have since sold that cabinet & want to do another one, this time a 2P Vewlix clone.

I’ve been discussing plans, etc with Rob from Arcadeworx here in Australia and I’m curious to know what others have done in regards to the control panel buttons on their cabinets/sticks.

I’ll be using an Xbox (original) & an Xbox 360 in the cabinet mainly for emulators and fighting games. The controls will be wired up to a pair of PS360+ boards so I can switch between the two consoles easily. The main controls will have 8 buttons each. This is an image of the default CP.

Now I’m not sure how many buttons I should have in the middle for back/start/guide, etc and I want to use 24mm Sanwas. Some of the emulators on the original Xbox use the R3 (button on right thumbstick) to bring up menus, so having this button is handy. From what I understand, with the PS360+ boards, I can hold certain buttons to trigger a different outcome (ie Back & Start to bring up Guide), is that correct?

The dilemma I have is that I’d like to keep the CP as clean and as authentic as possible, but also like to have the needed buttons accessible somehow. Some of these buttons won’t be needed often so I could mount them elsewhere, would like to know if others have been in a similar situation and what the outcome was.



Is it Rob now at arcadeworx? I originally worked with Troy for a number of months designing the original Vewlix clone :slight_smile:

To me personally, if you want to keep it as clean as possible, you have to copy the 2p vewlix CP ie. 2x lots of 7 30mm holes and then 2x 24mm holes.

Functionally though, it won’t match your previous and next gen consoles, you need to have 6x buttons these days and a minimum of 3 of last gen.

I still use my 24" clone and I only have start, select and home. I personally don’t believe I need anything more, even with the next gen consoles. I use it predominantly on fighting games and I found the buttons I have are sufficient for its function. I do have mame installed on a RGH 360

If I do require additional buttons, I’ll get the ds4 out, I’ve never used it for mame but maybe I just don’t use it enough.