Building Stick > Playing SFIV

Ever since I couldn’t get a hold of any Mad Catz stick I’ve been obsessing over making my own custom stick. I had bought two Hori EX2s in January while I still could and then I ordered parts to mod one of the sticks. I had never soldered anything before and the JLF doesn’t quite fit into box, so it took me the better part of a day to get all the tools and put it together. (The PCB recently died, but I got a hold of an SE on almost the same day…coincidence?)

Even still, I wasn’t really satisfied. I just HAD to put together something completely my own. I’ve spent hours researching trying to figure the best way to make my own stick. This obsession has been dominating my time and mind the last two weeks, to the point where there’s parts laying everywhere around the house and there’s unfinished projects in a big pile.

I just realized that during all this I haven’t even played much SFIV.

Has anyone else here found themselves more occupied with this forum and/or making custom sticks than actually PLAYING Street Fighter IV?

Yes , i didnt played SF4 much since i decided to build my own stick. I just want the stick to play the game . I dont want to get used to a pad then switch to sf4.

But building is very very fun

yeah i spend most of my time messing with my stick rather than playing.

I too found making my stick more fun than the game.

Glad to know I’m not the only one.

i refuse to play sf4 until my stick is done, mainly because i hate using the regular pad and my my fight pad is broken so i really have no other choice.

stick building had dominated my brain for the past week

You guys are taking too long to build your stick.

I wouldn’t go so far as to imply that SF4 sucks, but as one of the guy’s from Mythbusters said during his TED talk, it’s not so much about the final result, but the journey itself.


yeah with waiting for parts from Akihabara and creating custom art i have been obsessing over stick modding/creation. But I have still found time to play a decent amount of sf4.

Current projects:
Modding art and buttons on TE- Status - waiting for buttons and balltop from Akihabarashop. Got acrylic overlay and art printed, just waiting >.<

Modding PS2 T5 anniversary Hori stick - Status - Got my JLF and a couple buttons waiting on TE buttons to use them in here. Overlay has been ordered from

100% Custom stick using the Axisdapter for PS3 - Dad is custom creating the stick housing out of wood (for a b-day present), have the JLF, need to order buttons and am on the pre-order list with ShinJN for the Axisdapter.

Too much going on haha but im loving every second of it.

Yeah dude… By far I’m making and playing around with my stick more than playing street fighter lol.
What you could do actually, is by a case instead of trying to completely make your own. Then you can see how the case works, how the builder put it together… and learn stuff from then. That way you can have your own full custom and learn a lot about it because you have to put the parts into it and the PCB.
When you first want to make your own custom, I highly advise you to either a) check out other sticks and learn how they were made, and b) start with MDF.

Mine’s finished.

ditto I just don’t want to get used to another stick when I have this badass stick on the way… I’ve made my box and now I just need to drive to LizardLick and pick up my parts. I think i’ll post a work log on my box whenever it’s done!

That was Adam Savage and his talk was about obsession. In his case he was on a quest to make a perfect replica of the Maltese Falcon. It’s a fantastic talk and really seems applicable to this stick building frenzy my brain is in these days. For me it’s infinitely more enjoyable playing fighting games on a stick so it’s easy to get obsessed with building one (finite work + time = infinite fun).

Sidebar: did you guys know that the last two seasons of The Woodwright’s Shop are viewable online? Makes me want to dovetail the hell out of something. :wink:

I only get two days off a week from a pretty tiring full time job. I have that new SE, with full sanwa parts that took like twenty minutes to put in, and a working EX2 with stock everything. I don’t think I need to spend any more free time building joysticks “to play with” since I have a perfect stick and a serviceable one for company. I’m just glad to see that I’m not the only one with OCD.

Outta sight, outta mind, I put all my unfinished stuff into a box and hid it in the deepest darkest cupboard in my house. To get to the point, I’m gonna try to actually play some more SFIV :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: This is one of my days off and I’m trying really really hard not to paint, cut, solder, or test anything.

I’m building a stick too - but now I’m in the paint stages, so a lot of it is literally watching paint dry. Building my stick is as fun as playing the game. And since I’m drawing the image that I’ll be putting on stick, I’m getting twice the fun.

Shpydir - you have a link to the Woodwright episodes?


I often like messing with stuff more than the playing games attributed to em.
Modding rock band guitars, messing with mod files for pc games, then never playin the damn games, etc.
i think im doubly worse. i half finished my dc to 360 agetec mod. waiting for sanwa bits. it works for now, yet i still use the dpad modded wireless.
although i may have to use the stick now. my dpad is acting up. im doing green hands wit gief and friggin spds are coming out now.

Yeah, I’m the same way. I’ve spent an entire afternoon getting mame to run perfectly on my computer, then amassing a huge collection of arcade games, getting sticks to work, etc. and then after all my hard work I kinda sit back and don’t even feel like playing. haha

That’s the site with the videos. You don’t have to download the flash player (it’s just a link to install flash at and the vids will open in a new window. With 28 years of this show, it’s a real shame there are only two online and seemingly none even available for purchase in the PBS store.

Also, just found this link If you click on “Watch Current Episodes Now” on the right a popup window loads that should let you watch the current season of The Woodwright’s Shop. It seems to be broken right now, though. :frowning:

suffer from stick modding > sfiv playing bad also.

My stick modding obsession log:

At first I modded my X-arcade stick, gutted its pcb, buttons and sticks and replaced them with Sanwa JLWs, Happ comp buttons and pad hacked PS2 + Madcatz 360 PCBs.

Then I bought HRAP3 and did JLF ultimate mod and replaced buttons with Sanwas.

So after I got a stick for PS3, so I decided to buy HRAP EX for the xbox360. I performed JLF ultimate mod to it and replace the buttons with Seimitsus just to see how the Seimitsus feel.

I then purchased a Hori Ex2, replaced the joystick with Sanwa JLF and buttons with Sanwa buttons.

1 more week later after I completed my Hori EX2 mode, I decided to do a total conversion of my Hori Wii Fighting Stick and again replaced with all sanwa parts and replaced the Hori Wii PCB with an Sony Sixaxis PCB for a wireless stick.

Once I finished my Wii wireless stick total conversion, I bought a Tekken 5 Hori stick (HRAP lookalike), replaced all parts with Sanwa parts, I also ditched the Hori PCB and pad hacked 1 PSX digital PCB and 1 Madcatz 360 PCB for a dual PCB mod.

After I finished my T5 dual PCB mod, I bought a Pelican Real Arcade Universal stick, I replaced all parts with Happ parts and pad hacked yet another madcatz 360 PCB and added to the existing Universal PCB as a dual PCB mod making the Pelican Real Arcade Universal stick truly universal for the current generation of consoles.

I love my Pelican Universal Mod so much, I just bought another Pelican Universal, it’s on its way here and I want to add Madcatz 360 to it again. I grew up with American Style sticks, so I actually play better with my Pelican Real Arcade with Happ parts than my Japanese T5, HRAP3 sticks.

I have also purchased an Imp board and a MC Cthulhu board from Toodles. Once the parts arrived, I will make another dual PCB mod to my Xbox 360 TE stick I bought a while back but its been sitting in my closet collecting dust.

Meanwhile I’ve been playing SF4 on both PS3 and Xbox360 and both of my accounts I have around 3100 BPs. So am I addicted to video games or joystick modding or maybe both…

PS. I have since sold my Hori EX2, Hori Wii and Hori HRAP EX sticks all @ cost
(free labor, not too many people can afford my real hourly rate). I am thinking of selling my HRAP3 next… Keep an eye out in the trading forum once I finished my 360 TE dual mod. I won’t be needing my HRAP3 anymore.