Building Twin Sticks for Dreamcast

So I’ve been wanting to build some twin sticks for my Dreamcast copy of Virtual On. However, I have one major issue. I can use Sanwa sticks with custom tops for the sticks, and I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to make… but what do I wire all the buttons to? The twin stick has a completely different layout than the Dreamcast version, and assuming that the Japanese version has a layout specifically for the sticks, what do I need to wire the parts to? The Dreamcast doesn’t have enough buttons without using the analog stick. Let me know guys.

I have done this on my 2 player cab setup using a emulator, and just assign both joysticks as needed to the emulator controls.

I’m talking about one for an actual Dreamcast, not an emulator. Thanks though. I’m actually thinking of wiring the two sticks so that one stick grounds certain buttons, while the other gives the signal. When the correct combination is hit, it leads to a button on the controller. I’m not explaining it very well, I think I’m going to write a diagram.

You sorta answered your own question. The regular DC controller doesn’t have enough inputs to match a twinstick. Twinstick has 4 button, 8 directions, and start. Regular controller has 4 directions, and 6 buttons along with start and the analog.

You can’t have the brains of a twinstick be a regular DC controller. It has to either be the pcb from a real DC twinstick, or a Saturn controller core and a Saturn->DC converter that supports twinstick mode.
I’d highly recommend the later option, since itd be a ton cheaper. BUT! If you can find a DC twinstick to loan out to me for some weeks, I think I can duplicate the DC twinstick pcb. But I’d have to get my hands on one to know for sure.

Maxsonice, just buy the DC Twinsticks, its the easiest option.

Toodles, I may have a DC Twinstick PCB that I can loan to you as I have converted mine over to the 360. PM me and maybe we can work things out.

Let me get to work on basic DC stuff first; if/when I can get it going controller pad or Agetec style, then I’ll come bug you about the twinstick board.

I have a saturn pad hacked for Virtua On Cybertroopers. I then use the Total control 3 to use it on my dreamcast. I made a ugly twinstick out of NES quick shot joysticks. Google “NES Quickshot twin stick worklog” it since I can’t find the link. I’ve been meaning to fix this up forever, but never got around to it.

For the saturn twinsick layout to work with a Total control 3, it is some random button assignment. I’ll have to look it up on my Saturn, but if you go this route you can go ahead and pm me if you want me to look it up.